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Troop Report – Joshy’s Farewell Service (Mr. Braveheart)

EVENT: Joshy’s Farewell Service (Mr. Braveheart)

LOCATION: Williamstown Town Hall

DATE/TIME: 16 May 2019, 2pm

EVENT TYPE: Community



TK-27120 Gascan (Andy)
CT-71857 CT Mac (Greg)

Wrangler: SL-32935 brad71 (Brad)


Josh (Mr. Braveheart) recently lost his battle with brain cancer. Knightfall Garrison was asked to be present at his funeral service in Williamstown alongside members of the Geelong Cosplay Society. We arrived early and geared up before the service began. Brad (SL-32935) is a close friend of Josh’s family so he attended out-of-costume and doubled as wrangler for the day.

Before the service began we took up position and Andy (TK-27120) had the honour of acting as a pallbearer alongside members of the Geelong Cosplay Society. With the casket delivered to the front of the hall, we all took up position at the back of the hall as the service began. Many touching tributes, photos and videos were shown of Josh’s life and the battles he and his family faced.

As the service ended, all the costumed characters were called to the front. We handed out red balloons to all those in attendance as the casket was delivered outside to the waiting hearse. The service ended with a symbolic releasing of all the balloons into the atmosphere as the funeral procession departed.

May Josh rest in peace.



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