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May the 4th Fed Square

Event: May the 4th
Location: Federation Square

Date / Time – May 4th All Day

Weather: Melbourne!
(Sunny, breezy, chilly, and occasionally wet)

Everyone… it would be quicker to list who wasn’t there!!

Plus visiting troopers from
Redback Garrison,
501st Copperhead Outpost,
501st Thylacine Outpost,
Southern Dewback Garrison


Kicking the day off for an 8am start, the team proceeded to the main stage area for a Live interview on Breakfast TV for Darth Maul (also the author of todays breifing report [emoji6] thanks Boss!) along with a few key support troopers.
A battle cry was put out to the local population to attend, and they did not let us down.

For the subsequent 9 hours, crowds descended on the square for photo after photo with a vast array of amazing Star Wars Characters.

The boss took over the main photo booth area with the support of a couple of his most trusted TKs for the morning. The remaining troopers searched out Rebels, Rebel sympathisers, and took careful note of the youngling training sessions being held throughout the day.

For part of the day, a war damaged X-wing was re-built and allowed some reprive for our troopers. And after a mass group photo and short retirement for a well earned rest in the local watering hole, further crowd control was undertaken to see out the daylight.

On completion of the troop, most troopers were rewarded with an extra extra long walk in preparation for the evenings NEON Run entertainment to end an epic day of trooping!

The bar has now well and truely been set for next year…ImageImageImageImageImage

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