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DandyCon Troop Report

Event: Dandy Con 2019
Location – Pacific Epping Shopping Centre

Date / Time – 13th of April 2019 / 11am to 3pm

Weather: Sunny and Warm

Gascan TK-27120 (Andy)
Kellee ID-11684 (Kellee)
AJ.1990 IG-12590 (Andrew)
Brad93 ID-81293 (Brad)
ragequit TX-10346 (Geoff)
Marcus TR-3977 (Mark)

501st / RL and Mandos forces in the great city of Dandenong for Dandy Con raising money for the Isabella and Marcus Foundation. We were given our own change room along with other cosplayers.
RL had there banner along with the R2 builders group. We took lots of photos and raised a lot of money for IMF. Just after lunch TK27120 with the support of TR3977 along with RL and the Mando’s went on stage for a quick Q & A session to give more insights to what we do and what we are all about. It was a fun day and a great community event for the locals with many kids dressed up.
Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete



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