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Very Special Kids Week 1 Holiday Visit

Event: Very Special Kids Holiday Program Week 1
Location: 321 Glenferrie Road Malvern
Date / Time – 1st of June – 10:30- 11:30
Weather: Just right

Gascan : Andy : TK-27120
brad71 : Brad : SL-32935
AJ_Irish : Andrew : TB-12590
Belsprout : Belinda : IC-22388
Hoth base
Lara Ratten

Troopers arrived just before 10 am and got kitted up in the change room, there was one rebel pilot at this event.
We spent a bit of time interacting with the kids, there was a special little girl that was very intent on stripping everyone down to their under suits.
We took some group photos and gave out some high fives before sitting or standing to do some Star Wars art with the kids.
It was so good to see the kids after a fairly intense start (the kids can get overwhelmed quite easily) settle in and just want to look and interact with us, this was a very satisfying troop which I’m sure will stick with us for some time.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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