Bad Guys Doing Good

Starlight @ MCH Troop Report 8/7

Event: Starlight Room @ MCH
Location – Monash Childrens Hospital

Date / Time – 8th of July – 10am to 12pm

Weather: Indoor Event

Gascan TI-27120 (Andy)
Nevafear TK16119 (Shane)
AJ1990 TB12590 (Andrew)

Troopers arrived at Reception at 9:30am, Joined by the Rebel Legion.
We were given a private change room. At 10am TK16119 and Rey from the Rebel Legion together with 2 starlight captains made their way around the wards to visit some kids, while the other troopers went into the starlight room.
There was a bit of balloon sword fighting, Mario Kart on the Nintendo and a fun game of Uno that would never end.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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