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A visit For Fletch – RCH 18/8/2019

EVENT: a Hospital visit for an unwell 5 year old boy and his Family

LOCATION: Royal Children’s Hospital level 4 Cockatoo ward, room 436

DATE/TIME:18 August, 2019. 12pm – 1pm



TK 19819 – trooper666 – Luke
TK27120 – gascan – Andy. V
TB72822 – dragon_a – Tony

Troopers arrived and got ready in a seperate treatment room in the Cockatoo ward at RCH, Melbourne. when all was ready, troopers quickly Darted through Corridors and side access, and appeared in the room of one young man, Fletch. Fletch had been in Hospital for approx 5 weeks, with no real Diagnosis for his current situation, which was severe seizures and fits. Imperial troopers presented Fletch with some KFG propoganda, such as troopers cards, and some KFG patches.

We can also HAPPILY report that earlier that morning, Fletch finally received a Diagnosis, and was going to be sent HOME the next day.Young Fletch (and His siblings) had plenty of Questions, Such as Where was Darth Vader? and How did we get in?
after nearly 30 mins with Fletch, it was time for troopers to depart, so we said our farewells, and that IF Fletch was Ever back in RCH, all he needed to do was contact the Empire and we would be there to back him Up.

on our way back o the change Space, a few of the Nurses jumped in for Happy Snaps, but as this was a private event, and RCH’s Ruling, no other wards or Children were visited.

Overall, a very succesful and Satisfying troop, Being able to put a smile on a sick little boys face who didn’t really know what was going on.

Mum and Dad were ever so grateful, and would like to extend their thanks to the entire Garrison, Not the troopers involved, for everything that we do.

INJURIES: None to report.

ARMOUR REPAIRS: None to report.

HAPPY PEOPLE: One Very Happy young fan, and an ecstatic family as well.






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