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Relay for Life Manningham 2019 Troop Report

Event: Relay for Life Manningham
Location – Manningham Athletics Track

Date / Time – Saturday 7th of Sept (4pm) to Sunday 8th of Sep (12pm)

Weather: Wet & Cold

TK-27120 – Gascan (Andy) (Point Trooper)
TA-31892 – Extra Small Sam (Sam) (Point Trooper)
TB-72822 – Dragon_a (Tony)
ID-11684 – Kellee (Kel)
BH-50524 Dishrack (Jon)
TD-18969 – DarthStevius (Steve)
TB-12590 AJ.1990 (Andrew)
TI-22388 Belsprout (Bel)
TK-85D3 Duncs (Duncan)
ST-10792 – BrenTK (Brent)
TA-19819 – Trooper666 (Luke)
ID-81293 – Brad93 (Brad)
TK-16119 Nevafear (Shane)
TI-10689 Luckycharm (Kim)
TK-7685 Dark and Stormy (Bobby)
TI-50972 – DeathStarBaby (Charlotte)
TK-3977 Marcus (Mark)
TB-9735 Disneygirl (Merrilea)
TK-3198 Trigger Happy (Jarrod)
TK-88118 HansDC (Hans)
TK-16666 (Adam)
TI94911 Lockey (Lockey)
TS 33625 Christhrpropguy (Chris)

TK27120 and TA31892 arrived at 2pm to start the registration process for the relay.
Shortly after troopers started to arrive to set up the Marquee and tents for the event.
TA19819 and TK7685 provided some much needed shelter, other troopers provided Gas bottles, food, and extra chairs and tables which made our area a huge step up from last year.
A few troopers brought tents to sleep in whereas others would choose chairs or Cars to sleep in.
After a 4pm debrief from organisers, it began with the survival lap which TB-9735 participated in being a survivor, and was also accompanied by ID11684 and TI22388.
TA31892 has had the relay for life shirt with the Knightfall Garrison logo’s printed on them which looked fantastic.
All troopers contributed throughout the day and night walking, some decided to sleep and some decided to tough it out throughout the night. Another huge effort from TB 72822 staying in kit for most of the event and doing plenty of walking.
At the end of the day it was a team effort which is what this events is all about.
Great work Team Knightfall Garrison.

Casualties – A few tired troopers
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete


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