Bad Guys Doing Good

Lysterfield Lake Photo Day

Event: Lysterfield Lake Photoshoot 2019

Location: Lysterfield Lake

Date / Time: July 1st, 13:00-14:30

Weather: Overcast, windy… slightly nippy

Andrew Johns – A.J 1990 – TB-12590
Tony Dragon – dragon_a – TB-72822
Kellee Ballard – Kellee – ID-11684
Jon Saunders – Dishrack – BH50524
Brent Seymour -BrenTK – ST-10792

Togs / Wranglers:
Belinda Kemp – Belsprout – TI-22388
Paul Wulfrun – Kitty – TI-22300

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People – Some Lake walkers and ourselves of course!
Mission Status – Complete

Photos Available: … D9trX274CT

After discussion with an ISB Agent within our sector, it was found that encouraging some propaganda could be greatly beneficial within our sector to assist investigations to find Rebel cells within the system.
So a few individuals from different sectors put their hands up to come out and create some promotional material for the good of the Empire.

We arrived to a cloudy, windy day… which is fantastic for photography :D (well not so much the wind…but overcast is great!) and the rain stayed away!

So once parked, we sent our two scouts and the togs out to find good places for photos and there were many! From beachfront, to brush shots, to even a hidden camp that we happened to stumble across…plus an Imperial installation for regulation the populations water supply defended by an Imperial Officer and two scouts, plus some air support (which will possibly be edited in later ^_^) .

Once all areas had been utilised, we gathered our things and got back onto the Imperial transports back to the ISD. It was a good day for all.


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