Bad Guys Doing Good

RMH Dinner Nth Fitzroy:Troop Report 12/11

EVENT: Ronald McDonald House Family dinner
DATE:12th Tuesday
Time: 6.45 -7.45pm
LOCATION:RMH, 863 Brunswick Street North, North Fitzroy

Weather: nice inside.

MJ TB-3016
Gascan TK-27120

Report: Troopers arrived at 6.15pm, with members from the MCG in tow, we were taken upstairs to level 3 into their board room for us change, very roomy . Dinner was served early so we were ready to kit up and head out, with 2 of MCG members.
One of the little girls wasn’t very keen with the helmeted troopers, so we kept our distance. The Lady bug from MCG became queen of the kids and made a number of friends well we kept an eye on things, and chatted to the parents. A number of photos were taken to tease older siblings.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete


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