Bad Guys Doing Good

Open Cockpit Day, Moorabin: 26-27/10/19

Event: Lysterfield Lake Photoshoot 2019

Location: Moorabin Airport

Date / Time: 26th and 27th of October 2019

Weather: Every possible combination…. it’s Melbourne :lol:


IG-12590 AJ.1990 (Andrew)
TI-94911 Lockey (Lockey)
TI-13478 Jailbreak (Allen)
Timtheendorscout ID-10375 (Timoth)
Kitty TI-22300 (Paul)
Brad93 TI-81293 (Brad)
Shep TD-24663 (Philip)
Kellee ID-11684 (Kellee)
Darth Sully TI=3726 (Daniel s)

Togs / Wranglers:
Kristian Goree – KayGee – TI-8473

Wampa_Stomper TI-60626 (Lara)
Tarok TK-27777 (Rudi)
IG-12590 AJ.1990 (Andrew)
CTMAC CT-71857 (Greg)
Darth Sully TI3726 (Daniel s)

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: Lots
Mission Status: Complete

Photos Available:


Our presence was requested at the Moorabin Imperial Airbase to assess retrofitted craft for atmospheric flight on the planet deemed ‘Earth’ outside the current Galactic Outskirts.
The weather of said planet was haphazardous at best, with the Director being quite displeased with the meteorological reports. Despite this our auxillary force entered multiple aircraft and ran geometric and systematic tests to ensure they were equipped and ready to enter service.

It seemed that despite this being a classified operation, word got out to Rebels who also where in attendance, with one being found hiding in a jet engine, no doubt waiting to commandeer said vehicle when our backs were turned.

The local populace, although slightly deterred by the foreboding clouds and wind, came out to take pictures and be involved in the event.

I am sure we will be back in the future to keep ties with this military installation positive.

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