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FIRST Robotics Lego competition

Event – FIRST Robotics Lego Competition
Location – Swinburne University of Technology

Date – Sun 24th Nov 2019


DZ-51000 TK-51000 (Justin)
DZ-86236 joymaslog28 (joy)
TK-18969 DarthStevius (Steve)
TI-50972 DeathStarBaby (Charlotte)

Supporting R2 Builders and Rebel Legion Hoth Base

Troopers arrived for the briefing session and facilities allocation at 11.30 on the fourth Sunday of November.
The weather had seen a turn for the better, so crowds were already starting to build, with early sightings of what appeared to be droid building was a good indication that our intel was indeed accurate (for a change!)

A local guide, secured our route to the extremely spacious and well decked out changing facilities, which we were sharing with imperial robotics engineers. Our undercover officers – who were cleverly disguised as droid builders with their own realistic, but clearly fake (from what the locals were telling us) rebel droids – collected us and divided the group in order to cover more ground in our recruitment and research directives.

Numerous younglings (we’ll call them future recruits) were very keen to show us their robotic designs and discuss with us in detail the ways of the Empire. Their parents and teachers are clearly bringing them up on the right side of the force and they spent a long day developing their knowledge further as they competed in the Lego robotics competition under our watchful eyes.

As part of the Disney sponsorship of this Force For Change event, a number of future recruits were provided detailed scale models of one of our Star Destroyers. As they learn the inner workings of these machines, they will soon be working on full size versions enabling us to spread our good work even further as we stretch into the outer rims of the Empire.

Many group and individual photographs later, the team retired with the satisfaction that the future of the empire was going to be in excellent hands.


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