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Troop Report – Special Lucasfilm event

EVENT: Special Lucasfilm event

LOCATION: *******

DATE/TIME: 12-13 December 2019

EVENT TYPE: Lucasfilm event



TK-27120 Gascan (Andy)
TK-26262 Dwarfy (Cameron)
TK-3198 Trigger happy (Jarrod)
TK-76716 MartyMartin (Martin)
TK-10792 BrenTK (Brent)
TK-9697 Darth Craw (Michael)
TK-14480 Neckron666 (Shay)
TK-7685 Dark And Stormy (Bobby)
TK-31892 Extra_Small_Sam (Sam)
TK-8503 Duncs (Duncan)

Wranglers: CT-71857 CT Mac (Greg), TK-10792 BrenTK (Brent)


“Imperial intelligence received word of an imminent covert operation requiring ten highly-trained and battle-ready troopers.”

We received word from Lucasfilm for a special ******* for the *******, asking for classic Imperial Stormtroopers to be present as *******. A selection was made and ten of us were given the opportunity to represent the 501st Legion at this special event.

******* features ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* and ******* for a ******* ******* *******.

We arrived at ******* early in the morning and made contact with the organisers. Once parking arrangements were sorted and all troopers accounted for, we settled in for the briefing and geared up for *******. We met the ******* we’d be working with throughout the day and set up formation outside *******. After entertaining ******* with some quick pics, the ******* *******.

We entered ******* and worked with the ******* for some *******. After some time going through *******, we returned outside and *******. Once ready, our troopers stood in formation for ******* and were *******. The troopers took up position ******* *******.

Once the *******, our troopers took up formation, either ******* or *******.

The rest of the day involved our troopers ******* and was quite challenging for the *******. But we knuckled down and got the job done and were grateful for a generously-provided lunch.

The ******* brought us back in for a second *******. Armed with intelligence and experience gathered on the first day, the flow of the day was much easier for the troops. With the mission complete, we thanked the organisers for the opportunity to work with them and are looking forward to *******.

Pics taken at the event and the full un-redacted details can only be revealed later in 2020.

INJURIES: None to report.

ARMOUR REPAIRS: One trooper lost the front sights of his E-11 and another trooper’s thigh armour detached but was quickly repaired.



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