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Geelong Gala Day Parade – 14/12/19

Event: Geelong Gala Day Parade
Date: Saturday December 14th
Location: Eastern Park, Geelong Botanical Gardens
Landscape/Weather – outdoors, mild pleasant weather.
Charity Supported – Barwon Health (Geelong Hospital)
# Of people attending – thousands

TK29175 Haso
TX10322 Nanotek
TI13478 Jailbreak
TK27120 Gascan
DZ9697 Darth Craw
ID29697 Lady Womp Rat
ID6673 Hamish
CB2997 Fish
DZ67302 KLG (went in as wrangler but was approved the same weekend).

Galactic Academy:
Darth Vader – Ash (Haso)
Jedi – Ella (Haso)
Poe – Lachlan (Jailbreak)
Jedi – Cal (Jailbreak)
Jedi – Ainsleigh (Jailbreak)

A different format for the parade this year with the parade route now going through the gardens instead of the city centre, and a slightly smaller length. It seemed that crowds were down on previous years and the walk did not take as long.
There was a christmas theme this year and therefore we were adorned with lights and hats etc. Overall a shorter troop than previous years, however the Empire did show up and impressed as usual.


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