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20 October 2019 – JDRF ONEwalk – Melbourne

DATE: Sun 20th October
TIME: go live 9am – 12pm.
LOCATION:Palm Lawns – Alexandra Gardens
WEATHER: was a Cool strat, but pleasantly mild with a bit of sun for the walk.
EVENT TYPE:charity/fun run
POINT TROOPER: TA 19819 – Luke

TA19819 – trooper666 – Luke – wwcc 0742386A-01
TK16119 – NevaFear – Shane –
TI10689 – LuckyCharm – Kim –
TI12590 – AJ1990 – Andrew –
TI13478 – Jailbreak – Allen –
TI22388 – Belsprout – Belinda –
TC71857 – CTMac – Greg – WWCC 0905232A-01

Troopers arrived to entertain crowds in the pre walk madness, with plenty of photo’s taken. With one of our own Troopers Being a T1D (Type 1 Diabetic) and sporting a non regulation addition to his imperial uniform, plenty of young imperial citizens wanted a pic and asked lots of questions of the trooper. After a short break, the walk commenced, and ALL the KFG troopers who were in attendance took part in the walk, a casual 5 Km stroll along the banks of the yarra. Many younglings wanted to walk with us for a while, But imperial Army forces set a cracking pace which they could not maintain for the duration of the operation…

At the completion of the walk, a few more pics were grabbed, then it was time for troopers to re-deploy to missions else where.

Should also be noted that the Knightfall Team (we had to register to take part in the walk, although it was free) managed to raise $207. Way to go team!!! :!:

Injuries – Nil to report.

Armour Repairs: – Nil to report.

Mission Status – Complete.

Report by: TA19819



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