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The Rise of Skywalker Village Cinemas Southland 20-22 Dec 2019 Troop Report

Event: SW The Rise of Skywalker Village Cinemas Southland
Location: Village Cinemas Southland, Cheltenham, VIC
Date/Time: 20/21/22 December 2019
Weather: Hot outside, slightly cooler inside

•Friday 20/12:
oTK27120 – Gascan – Andy (PT)
oTB9735 – DisneyGirl – Merrilea
oTK18969 – DarthStevius – Steve
oID27777 – Tarok – Rudi
oTK7685 – Dark and Stormy – Bobby
oTX10346 – RageQuit – Geoff
oDS14780 – WldCrd – Glenn
•Saturday 21/12:
oTX10346 – RageQuit – Geoff
oTK18969 – DarthStevius – Steve (PT)
oTB12590 – AJ1990 – Andrew
oID11684 – Kellee – Kellee
oTB72822 – Dragon_a – Tony
oTI74377 – SithSpit – Piers
oTR81293 – Brad93 – Brad
oSL50586 – Grunta – Grant
oTK7685 – Dark and Stormy – Bobby
oTI50972 – Deathstarbaby – Charlotte
•Sunday 22/12
oTK27777 – Tarok – Rudi (PT)
oDS14780 – WldCrd – Glenn
oDZ51000 – DZ5100 – Justin
oDZ86236 – Joy

Village Cinemas requested an Imperial presence to maintain law and order for a 3 day period during the launch week of Star Wars: The Rise of Starwalker, the final installment in a fantasy holo trilogy set in a post-modern galaxy after the unlikely fall of our glorious Galactic Empire.
Troopers assembled at the Deployment Zone (DZ) at agreed times for operational briefings. Security was heightened and local guides required to navigate the maze that is VC Southland back office. Change facilities were excellent and provided an excellent location for pre- and post-troop high jinx – but most importantly it made a nice change from seeing spandexed individuals in carparks.
With Tatooine like weather conditions outside, troopers hoping for a cool respite were treated to relatively better conditions within the operational area. Helmet cooling system failures for TK27120 and TK27777 gave the troopers the opportunity to condition for future deployments to the Naboo swamps.
Whilst Friday night was relatively busy, trooper chatter indicates that Saturday and Sunday were less so. Amongst the high-fives and propaganda opportunities, troopers handed out chocolate, a local sweet delicacy. This proved particularly popular amongst the younger citizens – perhaps only until they tasted it, and found it bitter, not sweet.
All in all, an enjoyable troop which closed with TK27777 officially “patching” DZ51000 and DZ86236 into the Garrison.

Casualties: Nil
Equipment malfunction: TK27120’s helmet fans (Friday 20/12); TK27777’s helmet fans (Sunday 22/12);
Injuries: ID27777’s feelings – thanks TK27120
Happy People: Many – especially those little kids instructed by the kindly Imperial troops to consume the free chocolate right before bedtime.
Mission Status: Complete




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