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Rise of Skywalker midnight screening (Knox)

Post by Aki No Neko SL-39697 Friday 10 January 2020
Event: Rise of Skywalker midnight screening
Location: Knox Village
Date: Wednesday 18 December 2019
Time: 8pm to 11pm
Event type: Movie premiere
Landscape/weather: Indoors

Andrew: A.J 1990 / TB-12590
Cass: C.J. / ID-11673
Belinda: Belsprout / TI-22388
Michael: DarthCraw / TK-9697 (Jawa)
Jan: Lady Womp Rat / ID-29697
Kellee: Kellee / ID-11684
Brad: brad93 / ID-81293
Allen: Jailbreak / TI-13478
Paul: Kitty / TI-22300
Lachlan: Lockey / TI-94911
Annika Wilson: Aki No Neko / SL-39697
Geoff: Ragequit / TX-10346
Benjamin Clarke: DarthMando / DS-25594

Extra attendees:

Cameron: Jedi Menore (Chewbacca)
Paul Poulton: Brother William
Rose: roaming photographer

Upholding the longstanding tradition of attending midnight screenings of the recent Star Wars films, that tradition came to an end (for now) with the final chapter of the most recent Star Wars trilogy, Rise of Skywalker. Organised again by Star Walking Inc., members from the various Star Wars costume groups (501st Knightfall Garrison, Rebel Legion and Mando Mercs) mingled amongst the crowd of SW fanatics, some of whom were also wearing their own costumes, which included two Wookiees, a very young Rey, a Sith Trooper and a Twi’lek. At the start of the troop it was relatively quiet crowd-wise, but as midnight grew closer the crowd multiplied, and you could see why, given that the screening was almost fully packed. It was a very late night and quite a warm one to be wearing costumes (30°C+, though thankfully it was at least airconditioned inside the cinema complex!) but overall it was a relaxed and fun event.
(Apologies if I’ve omitted anyone from the troop list. Let me know if I’ve missed you and I’ll add you in.)

Injuries: None to report
Armour repairs: None reported
Mission status: Completed

Report submitted by Aki no Neko SL-39697

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