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Kidz R Kidz Fundraiser – 12th January 2020

EVENT: Kidz R Kidz Fundraiser
DATE: Sun 12th January 2020
TIME: Go live 10:00 – 14:00
LOCATION: Kidz R Kidz Kindergarten, Cranbourne North
WEATHER: Mild, cloudy, dry with cooling breeze. Blanket security protection provided.

TI-27120 Gascan (Andy)
DS-14870 wldcrd (Glenn)
TX-10346 RageQuit (Geoff)

Imperial troop transport arrived promptly at 09:30 with troopers disembarking to assess fields of coverage to secure perimeters, deploy blanket protection for all imperial citizens, confront and devastate all rebel incursions.

Due to low volumes of imperial citizens a command decision was issued to delay boots on the ground for a 10:30 deployment.

The mood was one of calm with local food merchants quietly preparing for the day. The first arrest was made by our unshakeable imperial troops when a Muja Fruit trader was discovered trading in stolen credit chips.

A smaller than expected attendance did not deter our troopers who proceeded in an authoritative manner dealing with all arriving citizens, checking ID’s and instructing loyal citizens to be wary and report any suspicious rebel activity. Many were granted the opportunity to capture holograms with their stalwart imperial protectors.

A lone Jedi was swiftly brought to the heel of justice during a routine ear wax inspection with his lightsaber being quickly dismantled and rendered ineffective.

Due to reduced activity the scheduled troop transport was confirmed for early departure by 30 minutes, the protective haven was dissolved, our troopers escorted the detained prisoners onto the transport satisfied in the knowledge they had foiled another ineffective incursion by rebel scum and local riff-raff.

Injuries – Nil to report.

Armour Repairs: TX-10346 suffered minor damage to upper left thigh armour while disarming the rebel Jedi in relation to enforcing Imperial Order 87 (head lice & ear wax inspection).

Mission Status – Complete.

Report by: TX-10346

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