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Disney Australian Open, Open cast

Event: Australian Open Family Day – Disney Open Cast
Location: Hilltop, Birramung Mar, Melbourne
Date: 25th Jan 2020
Time: 15:00hrs – 18:00hrs
Weather: Hotter than Dathomir

DarthStevius TD18969 (Steve)
DeathStarBaby TI50972 (Charlotte)
joymaslog28 – DZ-86238 (Joy)
TK-51000 – DZ-51000 (Justin)
Gascan – TK27120 (Andy)
Marcus – TR-3977 (Mark)
GeoffRageQuit – TX-10346 (Geoff)
Kylo Glenn – DS-14780 (Glenn)


Protection duty for the recently landed Tie Fighter at the 2020 Australian open was the order of the day.
The original pilot was MIA when our team arrived (potentially watching the local sporting matches the locals call tennis).
On locating our contact on the ground, who’d disguised themselves as one of the locals, they quickly ensured the team were taken care of.
Change space was limited, so initial splitting up of the team was required. Some remaining in the destinations location – to keep an eye on citezens movements – the others returning to their transport for changing into imperial costumes.
While the heat from the planets only sun attempted to de-rail the operation, the team scoured the location, and sourced some excellent contacts and potential new recruits.
The two jawas were also sent on a side mission to assess the g-force training machine present on site.
The test was successful, however, the jawas may wait for someone else to volunteer first next time…. :shock:

Casualties: None, although heat exhaustion was starting to set in so some troopers rested on the last leg of the mission.
Injuries: None
Armour damage: None
Happy People: Lots
Mission status: Completed

Author: DarthStevius


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