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9th Birthday Party

Event – 9th Birthday Party (Dominic)
Location – 5 Saratoga walk Epping
Date – 8th Feb 2020 (Saturday)
Troop Time – 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Event Type – Private

# Of people attended – 20

Charity Supported – Bushfire Relief
Weather: Sunny and warm.

After action report: At the request of a local boy’s uncle, two of the 501st finest stormtroopers responded and arrived in stealth to launch a surprise moral boost for the birthday boy and his friends and family. Surprise was achieved with the assistance of the boy’s uncle. And the locals were mightily impressed by the presence of two stormstroopers. After photos were taken of with the guests and some nerf blaster practice and foam lightsaber battles, we wished the boy a happy birthday and said our goodbyes.

In typical fashion we stayed in character the whole time for a young child’s birthday plus a bit of joking around. It was a bit of fun.
Injuries: O
Happy People: 20+
Mission Status: Complete.

TK-10792 signing off.

1. Gascan TK27120 (Andy)
2. BrenTK TK10792 (Brent)

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