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Monash Childrens Hospital Walk in the Park – Sunday 01st March 220

Event : Monash Childrens Hospital Walk in the Park – Sunday 01st March 220
Date/Time/Suburb of Troop and Address : 01st March 2020. Jells Park, Wheelers Hill
Event Type : Charity

Clear, Cool … then warm … then cool :-)

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Atmosphere – Enjoyable. Lots of families that had a great time
Mission Status – Completed

What an awesome day and a fantastic start to my first troop with the 501st.
All troopers arrived well before time which gave us time to just chill and relax before the long troop ahead.
With 3 Stormtroopers, 2 Scout Troopers, 1 Tank Trooper, 2 Tie Reserve Pilots, 1 Imperial Officer and 1 Tie Pilot we had a great representation of the Knightfall garrison.
As soon as we kitted up we headed towards the event start line where we had numerous photos taken with little kiddies, groups of kiddies and the odd adult kiddie thrown in for good measure.
We all participated in the first 1km walk, including a few photo ops along the way followed by encouraging runners/walkers at the beginning and end of the subsequent events.
Plenty of stalls, entertainment, animals and cheerleaders kept all participants engaged through the day.
All in all it was fantastic event.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fellow garrison members below for making my first troop a fun and non-stressful event.
I look forward to trooping with you all again, plus others I have not met yet, in the upcoming events

If I missed anything that requires a report please let me know and I will update

Photos of todays troop will follow……

Roster Troopers:
ID11684 – Kellee – Kellee
TK27777 – Tarok – Rudi
TB12590 – AJ1990 – Andrew
TK15475 – Blackwolf – Matt
TB72822 – dragon_a – Tony
TA19819 – trooper666 – Luke
TK16119 – Nevafear – Shane
TI10689 – Luckycharm – Kim
TI22388 – Belsprout – Belinda
TI13114 – Huuahh – Aneesh

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