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Supanova 2020 Melbourne 6-8 March 2020

Troop Report Supanova 6-8 March 2020

In a Galaxy not so far away, Planets and Death Stars aligned for the annual gathering of friend and foe, the Jedi and Dark Lord, Stormtroopers and Manalorians, Imperial Officers and Jawas… creatures of all walks… for Supanova Melbourne 2020

Troopers worked tirelessly to get the impressive displays and back drops ready for the weekend.

With the imminent threat of Corona Virus threatening the Galaxies far and wide, many creatures from all walks braved the conditions and attended the event. Many dressed to impress, others dressed to avoid contamination. Some were just wandering around asking, what happened to the all the toilet paper? -No, the Jawas had nothing to do with it! Although, the Jawas may or may not have stolen Ron Weasley’s car for a joyride, during the weekend.

The entire event went by smoothly and The Child (Baby Yoda) escaped unscathed, as celebrations rang through the Galaxies and of course the Cantina! No lives lost. Enemies called a truce and united for a cause…The CFA fundraiser. Which was a huge success raising much needed currency to a total of… $1221.51

The Dark Lord and his army may have left this galaxy for now, as pressing matters await, but no doubt will return for the next big mission, anhialation of COVID-19. Until then, stay safe troopers… The Force is with you!

Thank you to the following troopers who all gave of their time, to assist 501st Knightfall Garrison during the Supanova weekend 2020.

Trooper List:
Callsign: Troopers Name: ID:

Jailbreak Allen Gray 134783 GA
Grayus Joel Gray 13879
Kaygee Kristen Goree 84731 GA
MJ Kelly Wicks Preshaw 3016
Lady Womp Rat Jan Wilson 29697
Orchid Princess Vanda Bourandas 15064
Sheriff Jason Wood 64101 GA
KRM1983 Kane Marshall 52460
Brad71 Brad Moore 32935
Wldcrd Glenn Fowler 14780
Warmachine Dylan 10343
MrBugs Nick Wilson 1929
CJ Cass Aiken 11673
Majik Geko Lindsey Deanshaw 11769
Ragequit Geoff Pippell 10346
BrenTK Brent Seymour 10792
Timtheendorscout Timoth Ockenden 10375
KelseyJoy94 Kelsey Porter 75676
Lockey Lockey Gardiner 94911
Neckron666 Shay Lattimer 14480
Nevafear Shane Doust 16119
Luckycharm Kim Steer 10689
Blowie01 Michael Blowfield 62042 GA
Disneygirl Merrilea Bromley 9735
Gascan Andy Vong 271202 GA
Blackwolf Mat Mitchell 15475
Nanotek Mark Christensen 10322
Dishrack Jon Saunders 50524
Kellee Kellee Ballard 11684
AJ.1990 Andrew Irish 12590
Tarok Rudi Richardson 27777
Extra_Small_SamSam Gilbert 31892
Darth Craw Michael Wilson 9697
Walker Ashley Walker 8097
CTMac Greg Peters 71857
dragon_a Tony Dragon 728222 GA
Kalake Karen Lake 10634
StephCo3po Stephanie Coats 72489
Haso Kris Hase 291752 GA
MartyMartin Martin Martinez 76716
DarthStevius DarthStevius 189691 GA
DeathStarBaby Steve Alder 50972
Dark & Stormy Bobby Edwards 7685
SithSpit Piers Tynan 74377
Grunta86 Grant Davidson 50586
Duncs Duncan Hughes 8503
Pandabear Rhiannon Preshaw 2592
Marcus Mark Marcus 3977
Philsy Philsy Blackman 5686
Trigger Happy Jarrod Trigger 3198
Chris Kouvelis Christhepropguy 33625

Belsprouts Belinda Kemp 22388Wrangler
Warhammer Tim Kilgour 8973Wrangler

*Every endeavour was made to include every trooper who attended in the weekend, but as we all know the Galaxy works in mysterious ways.

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: Clearly Abundant
Unhappy People: Negligible
Mission Status: Successfully Completed

DZ15064 signing out 😊

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