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Westgrove Primary School Fete

Event: Westgrove Primary School Fete
Location – Westgrove Primary School, Werribee.
Date / Time – 13th of March 2020 / 9:30am to 2pm
Weather: Just right, a bit sunny
Gascan TK-27120 (Andy)
brad71 SL-32935 (Brad)
M.J TB-3016 (Kelly)
SithSpit TI-74377 (Piers)

As a Non 501st Character
CC-75676 (KelseyJoy94) Cat

Troop Report
Troopers arrived with much speculation as to whether the troop would go ahead, this was just prior to the great corona pandemic, we all agreed to troop but for each of us to interact with the kids as much or as little as we felt comfortable with.
The buzz was great on arrival, this been Kelsey’s old primary school and somewhere she continues to teach made this one special.
The fete was mostly to raise funds for the school, there were stalls that each class had made, rides and even a member of the force.
We wandered the school grounds to plenty of holograms with students and staff alike, high fives and fist bumps.
We all had a great day.
Injuries: None
Happy Customers: Lots

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