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Latrobe City Library Virtual Troop

Event: Latrobe City Libraries virtual troop
Location – At Home

Date / Time – 26 April 2020

Weather: Indoor event

BH50524 – Dishrack (Jon) [Actor, Voice-over, cinematographer, scene-designer, stunt-coordinator]
SL25594 – DarthMando (Ben) [Actor, Voice-over, cinematographer, scene-designer, Judge & Jury]

TK18969 – DarthStevius (Steve) [Editor, Producer, Director] ;)

A last minute request came in to assist with a competition launch via a virtual video troop ahead of MayTheFourth.
Homes were re-arranged to create suitable recording studios, with support from family members where required.
Scripts were provided by the client, which the actors delivered with the style and grace we’ve come to expect.


Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Client was extremely happy with the resulting production (which you can see here

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