Bad Guys Doing Good

Hospital virtual troop

Event: Hospital virtual troop
Location – At Home

Date / Time – 28 March 2020

Weather: Indoor event

1. TK-18969 DarthStevius (Steve)
2. TB-72822 dragon_a (Tony)
3. TK-5686 PhilsyB (Philsy)
4. DZ-03016 M.J (Kelly)
5. SL-14480 Neckron666 (Shay)
6. SL-32935 brad71 (Brad)

With the lockdown of all civilians and troopers now in effect, due to the COVID19-pandemic, a small band of troopers were assigned to deliver a message of well wishes to some of those civilians hit hardest by the lockdown and removal of hospital visitation benefits.
With support gained from Disney post-production, this subsequently evolved into a MayTheFourth moment which is expected to reach a wider audience of civilians. So after some late changes in the editing bunker the final version presented to Disney can be seen here –


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