Bad Guys Doing Good

Imax Appearance – Saturday 20th Feb

Troop – Imax trilogy event
When – Saturday 20th Feb 2021

It was a typical muggy Melbourne day when the imperial forces scouted out the Imax facility in preparation for the weekends trilogy screenings.

An Imperial drop ship was dispatched with pilot and stormtrooper in order to establish contact and suitability for larger imperial forces to arrive.

Mingling with the crowds, they decided the threat level was low enough not to require backup on the day, and so maintained a professional decorum on patrol until the crowds dispersed into their viewing pleasures.

Once a peaceful order was restored, the pilot and stormtrooper decided to try their hands at the local simulators, hoping to fund the new Death Star project.

Troopers on duty:
TI – 12590 – AJ.1990
TK – 10792 – BrenTK

TI – 13114 – Huuahh

Special mentions for Aneesh wrangling his first event, he knew exactly where to put us and help patrons to achieve really good photos with us.


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