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Monash Childrens Hospital (4th May)

Event Name – Monash Childrens Hospital
Location of Event – 246 Clayton Road, Clayton
Date of Event – May 4th 2021 (Tuesday)
Trooping Time (Start/end) – 9:30 to 11:30am
Point Trooper – Michael Spalding (Papaspaldo)
Event Type – Charity

Monash Childrens Hospital Ward troop.

Troopers & Wranglers:
Helmeted Characters
1 Huuahh (TI13114) Aneesh
2 Wldcrd (DS14780) Glenn
3 Brad93 (TI 81293 ) Brad
4 Papaspaldo (TK26100) Michael

What a way to be back trooping on May the 4th with a Hospital troop.
Monash Childrens Hospital, their foundation and Disney, were able to allow us access to the Childrens Wards to add some much needed smiles, laughter and distraction. Kylo, Tk and two TI’s were split into two groups, we let the Mando’s seperate as Mandolorians are often rogue and go their own way :D as we roamed the hospital corridors in search of rebel sympathisers and Empire/First Order supporters, we found plenty of support from the young citizens and their families, happy to have photo’s, a chat and details of any rebel spies seen in the vicinity. Of course the Doctors and Nurses were equally keen to get in on the action and the afternoon proved a much need morale boost to all involved.The hospital is looking amazing with the Moose Imagination tree, Imagineered by Disney recently opened providing a safe place for time out, learning and sensory exploration.
The foundation and hospital were very appreciative of our time and we re-iterated our commitment to supporting them and looked forward to many more visits in the future of which they are glad to accommodate us.

Weather : Overcast but being indoor was no concern.
Covid changes : No gloves, masks to worn when not in Helmeted costume. Initially it was advised to wear masks under the helmets, but confirmed upon arrival this was not the case for Monash. We had photo’s after the event with gloves on.
Injuries: None
Armour repairs : TI 81293 minor screw loose in the armour repaired onsite.
Mission Status : Complete and Successful
Report by : TK 26100


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