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Praxium Academy Fundraising Tournament

Event: Praxium Academy Fundraising Tournament.
Location – Geelong YMCA, 25 riversdale rd Geelong

Date / Time – 13th of Oct (Sun) 2019, 10.30am – 12.00 pm

Weather: Indoors in a basketball/netball arena

TX-10346 Ragequit (Geoff)
TK-29175 Haso (Kris)
Ash (Galactic Academy – Darth Vader)

Troopers arrived at 10am to be shown to a sizeable change room. They then proceeded, with Vader in the lead, Death Trooper and then the stormtrooper, to the auditorium to monitor proceedings. Combatants took turns to slug it out with foam swords and were scored in each bout. Troopers were required to hand out gift certificates to attendees during the competition, provide photo opportunities and look menacing. At one point the Imperials demonstrated elite combat foam sword techniques….however, Vader ended it abruptly with a force choke to come out victorious.
In the end, two black series lightsabers were awarded to competition winners and we called it a day.
The turnout was quiet, so the troop was shorter than anticipated. All up, there were around 20 competitors and spectators.
Special thanks to Geoff and his wife (and for her taking the photos) for making the trek from the other side of the bay to this quietish troop.

Casualties – None
Armour mishapes – Vader’s reveal mask had a velcro malfunction, so he had to go full mask and helmet throughout.
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete


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Sunshine Hospital Ward Visit

Event: Sunshine Hospital Ward Visit
Location – Sunshine Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Date / Time – Monday the 7th of October, 9:00am to 11:30am

Weather: Mild and overcast

Gascan TK27120 (Andy)
brad71 SL32935

Troopers arrived at 8:30ish at the Sunshine Hospital to find parking and meet up with Emily from MCG, a room that was big enough to hold the entire Garrison was provided to us to change in.
We headed straight to waiting area where a few curious kids and adults requested pictures, we then got ushered outside to help celebrate the opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the new outdoor garden and play area. A local Op Shop had raised a significant amount of money to help fund the building of the outdoor space, Andy and I held the ribbon whilst the two presidents cut the ribbon. We then went up to the children’s ward to visit the kids that could not leave their rooms, it was fairly quiet which was good (no one wants to see kids in hospital) we then went back to the waiting/admin area for a few more pictures before we called it a day.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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Lysterfield Lake Photo Day

Event: Lysterfield Lake Photoshoot 2019

Location: Lysterfield Lake

Date / Time: July 1st, 13:00-14:30

Weather: Overcast, windy… slightly nippy

Andrew Johns – A.J 1990 – TB-12590
Tony Dragon – dragon_a – TB-72822
Kellee Ballard – Kellee – ID-11684
Jon Saunders – Dishrack – BH50524
Brent Seymour -BrenTK – ST-10792

Togs / Wranglers:
Belinda Kemp – Belsprout – TI-22388
Paul Wulfrun – Kitty – TI-22300

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People – Some Lake walkers and ourselves of course!
Mission Status – Complete

Photos Available: … D9trX274CT

After discussion with an ISB Agent within our sector, it was found that encouraging some propaganda could be greatly beneficial within our sector to assist investigations to find Rebel cells within the system.
So a few individuals from different sectors put their hands up to come out and create some promotional material for the good of the Empire.

We arrived to a cloudy, windy day… which is fantastic for photography :D (well not so much the wind…but overcast is great!) and the rain stayed away!

So once parked, we sent our two scouts and the togs out to find good places for photos and there were many! From beachfront, to brush shots, to even a hidden camp that we happened to stumble across…plus an Imperial installation for regulation the populations water supply defended by an Imperial Officer and two scouts, plus some air support (which will possibly be edited in later ^_^) .

Once all areas had been utilised, we gathered our things and got back onto the Imperial transports back to the ISD. It was a good day for all.


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Connors Run 2019 Troop Report

Event: Connors Run 2019
Location – Catani Gardens St Kilda

Date / Time – 15th of September / 7:45am to 11:30am

Weather: Cold, raining and freezing

Gascan TK27120 (Andy)
DarthStevius TD18969 (Steve)
Deathstarbaby TI50972 (Charlotte)

Troopers arrived at 7:20am at St Kilda to find parking for a carpark change, the rain was already started to fall very lightly and by the time we arrived it was a little big heavier.
We headed straight to the marshalling area for the first batch of runners leaving at this location at 8am. There was time for a quick break and some PR before heading to the beach area were the runners came down from Hampton. We hang around and gave some High fives and encouragement to those runners before heading back to the garden to marshal off the next beach of runners at 10am.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete


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Relay for Life Manningham 2019 Troop Report

Event: Relay for Life Manningham
Location – Manningham Athletics Track

Date / Time – Saturday 7th of Sept (4pm) to Sunday 8th of Sep (12pm)

Weather: Wet & Cold

TK-27120 – Gascan (Andy) (Point Trooper)
TA-31892 – Extra Small Sam (Sam) (Point Trooper)
TB-72822 – Dragon_a (Tony)
ID-11684 – Kellee (Kel)
BH-50524 Dishrack (Jon)
TD-18969 – DarthStevius (Steve)
TB-12590 AJ.1990 (Andrew)
TI-22388 Belsprout (Bel)
TK-85D3 Duncs (Duncan)
ST-10792 – BrenTK (Brent)
TA-19819 – Trooper666 (Luke)
ID-81293 – Brad93 (Brad)
TK-16119 Nevafear (Shane)
TI-10689 Luckycharm (Kim)
TK-7685 Dark and Stormy (Bobby)
TI-50972 – DeathStarBaby (Charlotte)
TK-3977 Marcus (Mark)
TB-9735 Disneygirl (Merrilea)
TK-3198 Trigger Happy (Jarrod)
TK-88118 HansDC (Hans)
TK-16666 (Adam)
TI94911 Lockey (Lockey)
TS 33625 Christhrpropguy (Chris)

TK27120 and TA31892 arrived at 2pm to start the registration process for the relay.
Shortly after troopers started to arrive to set up the Marquee and tents for the event.
TA19819 and TK7685 provided some much needed shelter, other troopers provided Gas bottles, food, and extra chairs and tables which made our area a huge step up from last year.
A few troopers brought tents to sleep in whereas others would choose chairs or Cars to sleep in.
After a 4pm debrief from organisers, it began with the survival lap which TB-9735 participated in being a survivor, and was also accompanied by ID11684 and TI22388.
TA31892 has had the relay for life shirt with the Knightfall Garrison logo’s printed on them which looked fantastic.
All troopers contributed throughout the day and night walking, some decided to sleep and some decided to tough it out throughout the night. Another huge effort from TB 72822 staying in kit for most of the event and doing plenty of walking.
At the end of the day it was a team effort which is what this events is all about.
Great work Team Knightfall Garrison.

Casualties – A few tired troopers
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete


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Royal Melbourne Show 2019 Troop Report

Event: Royal Melbourne Show 2019
Location – Flemington Showgrounds

Date / Time – 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, 29th, September 2019, 10am to 4pm

Weather: Mixed bag throughout the weekend, 28th and 29th had the best weather.



The morning of the first day was spent looking up the clouds wondering when the rain would fall, first thing that had to be done was establish contact with RMS organisers and confirm change rooms. Once both change rooms were confirmed we had a 9:30am debrief, this happened everyday which was great for new troopers that didn’t attend RMS previously.
The first parade was touch and go with the rain so we didn’t participate but we did participate in every parade after that and it was very successful, there were huge crowds watching the parade and waiting afterwards to catch troopers for photos.
We mixed up the parade order throughout the event because we can. There was a mixture of characters in the parade, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Batman and Wonder Woman. We almost lost Batman on one of the parades as he fell out of the Hilux but luckily he was caught by the Shaun the Sheep Handler.
The Meet and greet area in the morning was a bit quiet so we had a group stay at the Marquee and another group wander around, any meet and greets after the first parade was jammed with people and nonstop photos.
The 2nd weekend had the best weather for the show with blue skies and sun. Friday was a bit rained out towards the end of the day so troopers finished early. We also had Rob and Khush from the Isabella and Marcus Foundation come out to the show and meet some of the troopers, they also hadn’t been for a very long time and enjoyed it.
We had Darth Maul come out on Sunday which was great for the public and naturally maul led the parade on the last day which made it look more awesome.
In the last hr of the show, TR3977, TK7685, TK27120, Maul & our awesome wrangler Charlotte tried to wander around the show but we were caught for photos and didn’t get very far. We did end up in front of a toy stand where the guy working there thought it would be funny to drive his RC car around charlotte and then proceeded to say “if you break it you pay for it”, that didn’t work out very well for him.
TK27120 finally managed to kit up on the last half of the show and joined in on the last parade and even the RMS organisers didn’t know he was kitted up. Galactic Acamdey Pink lil Jawa also managed to come out for the first time, and she done an awesome job trooping for as long as she did.

TK3977 & CO took a photo with 5 different rides on 5 different days at the show and has challenged all troopers next year if they can beat that?? GA Pink Jawa has already won! ;)

Thanks again to all troopers that came out and supported the Royal Melbourne Show in 2019, all the additional information on the forum and planning throughout the event seems to have made the 5 days run very smoothly.
We hope to get some feedback from RMS in the coming weeks and hopefully be back bigger and better in 2020.

Casualties – A few armor cracks but nothing that isn’t fixable.
Injuries – A few troopers had some minor injuries on the last day.
Happy People – YES
Mission Status – Complete



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MCH Fathers Day Ward Visit Troop Report

Event: MCH Ward Visit Fathers Day
Location – Monash Childrens Hospital

Date / Time – 30th of August 2019 – 1pm to 3pm

Weather: Indoor Event

1. TI27120 Gascan (Andy)
2. TB22747 Littlemotorhead (Sean)
3. TK31892 Extra_Small_Sam (Sam)

Troopers arrived at 12:30pm and were given a private change room next to the starlight room.
We made a short visit to the starlight room, playing some Mario Kart before heading to the balcony area outside. TB22747 and TK31892 played some soccer while TI27120 played dinosaurs.
Troopers then made their way to the wards giving out free Fathers day cups provided by MCH and taking lots of photos with kids and staff throughout all the wards.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots and some scared kids
Mission Status – Complete



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Wedding Port Melbourne Troop Report

Event: Wedding
Location – Starward Distillery in Port Melbourne

Date / Time – 14th of September 7:30pm to 8pm

Weather: Indoor Event

TK-27120 – Gascan (Andy)
TK-24180 – Draz (Andrew)

Troopers arrived at 7pm to meet Hollie who was organising the event along with the bride.
We secretly made our way to the board room to get changed.
Once ready, the room filled with the imperial march music and we tracked down the groom, arrested him and took him outside. After a short while we brought him back in for some photos with all the guests and the bride and groom. It was a great surprise for everyone and something they’ll remember forever. All in all a fun troop.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete



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A visit For Fletch – RCH 18/8/2019

EVENT: a Hospital visit for an unwell 5 year old boy and his Family

LOCATION: Royal Children’s Hospital level 4 Cockatoo ward, room 436

DATE/TIME:18 August, 2019. 12pm – 1pm



TK 19819 – trooper666 – Luke
TK27120 – gascan – Andy. V
TB72822 – dragon_a – Tony

Troopers arrived and got ready in a seperate treatment room in the Cockatoo ward at RCH, Melbourne. when all was ready, troopers quickly Darted through Corridors and side access, and appeared in the room of one young man, Fletch. Fletch had been in Hospital for approx 5 weeks, with no real Diagnosis for his current situation, which was severe seizures and fits. Imperial troopers presented Fletch with some KFG propoganda, such as troopers cards, and some KFG patches.

We can also HAPPILY report that earlier that morning, Fletch finally received a Diagnosis, and was going to be sent HOME the next day.Young Fletch (and His siblings) had plenty of Questions, Such as Where was Darth Vader? and How did we get in?
after nearly 30 mins with Fletch, it was time for troopers to depart, so we said our farewells, and that IF Fletch was Ever back in RCH, all he needed to do was contact the Empire and we would be there to back him Up.

on our way back o the change Space, a few of the Nurses jumped in for Happy Snaps, but as this was a private event, and RCH’s Ruling, no other wards or Children were visited.

Overall, a very succesful and Satisfying troop, Being able to put a smile on a sick little boys face who didn’t really know what was going on.

Mum and Dad were ever so grateful, and would like to extend their thanks to the entire Garrison, Not the troopers involved, for everything that we do.

INJURIES: None to report.

ARMOUR REPAIRS: None to report.

HAPPY PEOPLE: One Very Happy young fan, and an ecstatic family as well.






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Parkinson’s walk in the Park – 18/8/2019

EVENT:Parkinsons walk in the park.
DATE: Sun 18th August
TIME: go live 9am – 12pm. breakfast beforehand for those who are keen. Probably go for Lunch after as well…
LOCATION: Fed Sq – down along Birrarung Marr. weather was clear, but fresh.
EVENT TYPE:charity/fun run
POINT TROOPER: TA 19819 – Luke

TA-19819 – trooper666 – Luke –
TI-12590 – AJ1990 – Andrew –
TD72822 – [email protected] – Tony –
ID 11684 – Kellee – Kellee –
TI 94911 – Lockey – Lockey –
TI27129 – gascan – Andy –
ID81293 – Brad93 – Brad –
DZ-3016 MJ (Kelly)

Troopers arrived to entertain crowds in the pre walk madness, with plenty of photo’s taken. as the walk was nearing Kickoff, troopers guided and corralled the participants down to the start line. Troopers held back the tide until the allocated start time, then releasing the crowd from it’s constraints to enjoy a leasuirely stroll around melbournes Yarra River.
At this point, several troopers broke off to continue on to another engagement nearby, while those remaining forces congratulated those who comlpeted the walk, and handed out completion medallions.

Injuries – Nil to report.

Armour Repairs: – Nil to report.

Mission Status – Complte.





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