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Troop Report – Special Lucasfilm event

EVENT: Special Lucasfilm event

LOCATION: *******

DATE/TIME: 12-13 December 2019

EVENT TYPE: Lucasfilm event



TK-27120 Gascan (Andy)
TK-26262 Dwarfy (Cameron)
TK-3198 Trigger happy (Jarrod)
TK-76716 MartyMartin (Martin)
TK-10792 BrenTK (Brent)
TK-9697 Darth Craw (Michael)
TK-14480 Neckron666 (Shay)
TK-7685 Dark And Stormy (Bobby)
TK-31892 Extra_Small_Sam (Sam)
TK-8503 Duncs (Duncan)

Wranglers: CT-71857 CT Mac (Greg), TK-10792 BrenTK (Brent)


“Imperial intelligence received word of an imminent covert operation requiring ten highly-trained and battle-ready troopers.”

We received word from Lucasfilm for a special ******* for the *******, asking for classic Imperial Stormtroopers to be present as *******. A selection was made and ten of us were given the opportunity to represent the 501st Legion at this special event.

******* features ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* and ******* for a ******* ******* *******.

We arrived at ******* early in the morning and made contact with the organisers. Once parking arrangements were sorted and all troopers accounted for, we settled in for the briefing and geared up for *******. We met the ******* we’d be working with throughout the day and set up formation outside *******. After entertaining ******* with some quick pics, the ******* *******.

We entered ******* and worked with the ******* for some *******. After some time going through *******, we returned outside and *******. Once ready, our troopers stood in formation for ******* and were *******. The troopers took up position ******* *******.

Once the *******, our troopers took up formation, either ******* or *******.

The rest of the day involved our troopers ******* and was quite challenging for the *******. But we knuckled down and got the job done and were grateful for a generously-provided lunch.

The ******* brought us back in for a second *******. Armed with intelligence and experience gathered on the first day, the flow of the day was much easier for the troops. With the mission complete, we thanked the organisers for the opportunity to work with them and are looking forward to *******.

Pics taken at the event and the full un-redacted details can only be revealed later in 2020.

INJURIES: None to report.

ARMOUR REPAIRS: One trooper lost the front sights of his E-11 and another trooper’s thigh armour detached but was quickly repaired.



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Road trauma carshow

Trooping time-11am -2pm

Money raised-$1453 for road trauma Victoria

Brief- the day was nice and warm as a small event we got time to take plenty of pics of the troops with the cars and the public.


Happy people-lots


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Special Children’s Christmas Party 7/12 Troop report

Special Children’s Christmas Party
Melbourne Show grounds, Epsom Rd,
Ascot Vale VIC 3032

Date – Sat 7th of December 2019

Time: 9.30 am to 1:30pm
Weather: Sunny warm nice

Another Children’s Christmas treat for us, we all parked closed to each other and made the car park our change area.
Blessed with beautiful weather this year not too hot, we all lasted the length with smiles all around.
They had placed an area for us to eat and rest, with fresh sandwiches and fruit.
Cannot wait again for next year.

Belsprout : TI22388
Kellee :ID-11684
Ausar26: BH-8927
BrenTK: 10792
Nevafear: 16119
Darth Craw TK-9697
Brad TI-81293
Blackwolf: TK-15475
Christhepropguy: 33625

Panda Bear: DZ-2592
MJ: 3016


casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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RMH Dinner Parkville Xmas:troop report

RMH Dinner Parkville Xmas themed
28 Gatehouse st Parkville
EVENT: Ronald McDonald House Family dinner

DATE:Wednesday 4th of December
Time: 6.45 to 7.45
Weather: Lovely
Kids: Plenty

All troopers arriving at 6pm making their way to the usual storeroom / change room.
At 6:45pm heading out letting Mary Poppins go first
We went around the tables giving hi fives to all the kids and parents, scoring some photos with families and the lovely ladies that volunteer. We also gave away socks and pulled some Christmas poppers to which we all happily lost.

TK27120 Gascan
TX10322 Mark
TK-10792 Brent
TB-3016 Kelly
Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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Tristen’s 5th Birthday

EVENT: Tristen’s 5th Birthday

LOCATION: Bald Hill Park, Clarinda, 3169

DATE/TIME: 1st December 2019, 1300-1400h

EVENT TYPE: Private Party

WEATHER: Overcast with some light winds

TK-27777 – Tarok (Rudi)
TB-12590 – AJ.1990 (Andrew)
TI-27120 – Gascan (Andy)
DS-14780 – wldcrd (Glenn)

TI-4776 – LongShot (Glenn)

Troopers arrived and got kitted up in a separate room. Mission Briefing took place while TK-27777 realised that his left arm had the right arm armour pieces on.

Marched from the TI-4776’s Base of Operations to the designated area with TB-12590 leading the vanguard. Immediately bombarded with questions from small humans to find out who was the leader. TI-4776 also revealed he was just a toilet scrubber during his interrogation.

Took part in some photos with guests before moving to the “shooting range”. Armed with frisbees, it was confirmed that stormtroopers have terrible hand/eye coordination. Only 1 target was hit and 1 frisbee confidently caught.

Lord Vader himself arrived on scene although much smaller in size than expected. We were then ordered back to base for the Star Wars themed birthday cake cutting. We managed to make it back to before it started to lightly rain. Took part in some more photoshoots then headed back to be debriefed and dekit.

DS-14780 popped his trooping cherry and was “patched in” by the other troopers. Everyone left with a slice of cake.


ARMOUR REPAIRS: None to report.

HAPPY PEOPLE: Yes including the birthday boy, little Lord Vader (Tristen)




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Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk Oct 2019

Event: Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis
Location: Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Date: Sunday 20 October 2019
Time: 9am to 11am
Weather: Overcast then sunny

Gascan TI27120 (Andy)
Blowie01 TA6204 (Michael)
Darth Craw TK9697 (MIchael W)
Lady Womp Rat ID29697 (Jan)

The four troopers reported for duty under leaden skies at approximately 9am, to attend the annual Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. This event raises awareness of and funds for those living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), and is the charity’s largest fundraising event. We cheered participants on as they set off to complete one or more of four events: the kids’ 500 metre dash, 4 km, 8km and 21 km runs/walks. It was our honour and privilege to help confer medallions upon participants as they finished their run/walk, or hand them a mandarin or a refreshing cup of water as they staggered past the finishing line. The weather improved (naturally) once the events had ended, and we mingled with civilians, posing for photos and generally chilling out. We met Dani from The Block, who with partner Dan (foreman on the current series of The Block) is a CF Ambassador. This event was my (Lady Womp Rat’s) first troop, and according to Andy, I was accorded the honour of writing the troop report, so I hope I have discharged this duty satisfactorily.

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: Mostly
Unhappy People: A few younglings who found the armour intimidating and cried
Mission status: Completed

Links to images below (couldn’t figure out how to make images appear as photos, so using Flickr):[email protected]/v40167[email protected]/5T10a4[email protected]/8K6i5T[email protected]/eU2739

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Disney – TIE Fighter at Federation Square 3rd December 2019

Event: Disney request for Star Wars characters
Location: Federation Square, Melbourne
Date: 3 December 2019
Time: 5pm
Weather: Sunny

TI-27120 – Gascan (Andy)
TI-13478 – Jailbreak (Allen)
TK-31892 – Extra Small Sam (Sam)
TK-10792 – BrenTK (Brent)
TK-9697 – DarthCraw (Michael)
TI-8473 – KayGee (Kristian)
TI-50972 – Deathstarbaby (Charlotte)
CT-71857 – CT Mac (Greg)
TI-94911 – Lockey (Lockey)
TI-15475 – Blackwolf (Mat)
ID-29697 – Lady Womp Rat (Jan)
TI-52460 – KRM1983 (Kain)
ID-3016 – MJ (Kelly)
Steph – R1 Pilot
Jedi – Kain
Andy’s two children – Jawas
Wranglers – Mark Marcus, Steve Alder-Goad, Shelby
Photographer – Ian Stubber


The Empire responded with force, descending on Federation Square to rendezvous with a recently arrived TIE fighter ahead of the imminent release of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. There were opportunities for the assembled fighter pilots, storm troopers, Imperial officers, a Rebel pilot, Jedi knight and even a couple of Jawas, to march repeatedly in menacing formation in the labyrinthine corridors beneath Federation Square as a camera crew from Disney filmed our precision manoeuvres. Then it was time to emerge into the sunshine above ground and head towards Federation Square, where civilians were able to photograph the troopers beneath the menacing hulk of the TIE fighter parked in plain sight. It was a glorious day for the Empire that will be long remembered.

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: All
Unhappy People: None (although the Jawas were wilting a bit)
Mission status: Completed

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FIRST Robotics Lego competition

Event – FIRST Robotics Lego Competition
Location – Swinburne University of Technology

Date – Sun 24th Nov 2019


DZ-51000 TK-51000 (Justin)
DZ-86236 joymaslog28 (joy)
TK-18969 DarthStevius (Steve)
TI-50972 DeathStarBaby (Charlotte)

Supporting R2 Builders and Rebel Legion Hoth Base

Troopers arrived for the briefing session and facilities allocation at 11.30 on the fourth Sunday of November.
The weather had seen a turn for the better, so crowds were already starting to build, with early sightings of what appeared to be droid building was a good indication that our intel was indeed accurate (for a change!)

A local guide, secured our route to the extremely spacious and well decked out changing facilities, which we were sharing with imperial robotics engineers. Our undercover officers – who were cleverly disguised as droid builders with their own realistic, but clearly fake (from what the locals were telling us) rebel droids – collected us and divided the group in order to cover more ground in our recruitment and research directives.

Numerous younglings (we’ll call them future recruits) were very keen to show us their robotic designs and discuss with us in detail the ways of the Empire. Their parents and teachers are clearly bringing them up on the right side of the force and they spent a long day developing their knowledge further as they competed in the Lego robotics competition under our watchful eyes.

As part of the Disney sponsorship of this Force For Change event, a number of future recruits were provided detailed scale models of one of our Star Destroyers. As they learn the inner workings of these machines, they will soon be working on full size versions enabling us to spread our good work even further as we stretch into the outer rims of the Empire.

Many group and individual photographs later, the team retired with the satisfaction that the future of the empire was going to be in excellent hands.


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MSO plays Return of the Jedi

Event – Return of the Jedi Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Location – Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Plenary

Date – Thurs 7 Nov – Saturday 9 Nov

TK-5686 – PhilsyB (Philsy)
TK-15475 – Blackwolf (Mat)
TK-27120 – Gascan (Andy)
TK-8503 – Duncs (Duncan)
TK-7685 – Dark and Stormy (Bobby)
TK-3198 – Trigger Happy (Jarrod)
TK-31892 – Extra_Small_Sam (Sam) Ticket
TB-12590 – A.J.1990 (Andrew) Ticket
TB-72822 – Dragon_a (Tony) Ticket
TK-74263 – TKColejoy (Shane) Ticket
TI-50972 – DeathstarBaby (Charlotte) Ticket
TD-18969 – DarthStevius (Steve) Ticket
TR-3977 – Marcus (Marcus) Ticket
DZ-51000 – TK-5100 (Justin) Ticket
DZ-86236- (Joy)
CT-71857 – CT-Mac (Greg)
TR-3977 – Marcus (Marcus)
TB-33233 – Thundercat (Daniel)
TB-9735 – Disneygirl (Merrilea)
TX-10322 – nanotech (Mark)
TR-81293 – Brad93 (Brad)
ID-11684 – Kellee (Kellee)
BH-3016 – MJ (Kelly)

Plus Rebel insurgents from Hoth Base

It was a dreary Thursday evening in November in the small dwelling of Melbourne town when our advance party of troopers touched down.
There had been whispers from local spies that three days of festivities were afoot in the area. So our team had been dispatched by the Garrison to recon the area and ensure all Empire citizens were taking full advantage of the opportunity.
Over the three days, the teams need to be divided into multiple groups to ensure our coverage was controlling all areas of the location.

Team 1 on each day had the critical role of ensuring the safe passage of the local groups leader from their bunker to the performance stage. On each occasion this was undertaken with precision and commitment from the troopers. They never lost their man once, even under extremely challenging conditions of poor lighting conditions and what appeared to be tear gas! Those Rebels clearly had other plans, but the team came through every single time.

Meanwhile, crowd control in other areas of the facility was expertly coordinated by numerous brave troopers who formed the remaining team(s). They continued to put their bodies on the line to ensure both young and old citizens were looked after and able to safely transfer to their evenings entertainment with the required holographic evidence of their attendance. Rebels were discovered at various points over the weekend, and they were duly dealt with in accordance with the laws of the land. Fortunately there was also no insurgence from the local scantily clad men and women of clan sexpo, and all troopers returned safely to their hideaway and were able to exfiltrate the area with no mishaps.


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Open Cockpit Day, Moorabin: 26-27/10/19

Event: Lysterfield Lake Photoshoot 2019

Location: Moorabin Airport

Date / Time: 26th and 27th of October 2019

Weather: Every possible combination…. it’s Melbourne :lol:


IG-12590 AJ.1990 (Andrew)
TI-94911 Lockey (Lockey)
TI-13478 Jailbreak (Allen)
Timtheendorscout ID-10375 (Timoth)
Kitty TI-22300 (Paul)
Brad93 TI-81293 (Brad)
Shep TD-24663 (Philip)
Kellee ID-11684 (Kellee)
Darth Sully TI=3726 (Daniel s)

Togs / Wranglers:
Kristian Goree – KayGee – TI-8473

Wampa_Stomper TI-60626 (Lara)
Tarok TK-27777 (Rudi)
IG-12590 AJ.1990 (Andrew)
CTMAC CT-71857 (Greg)
Darth Sully TI3726 (Daniel s)

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: Lots
Mission Status: Complete

Photos Available:


Our presence was requested at the Moorabin Imperial Airbase to assess retrofitted craft for atmospheric flight on the planet deemed ‘Earth’ outside the current Galactic Outskirts.
The weather of said planet was haphazardous at best, with the Director being quite displeased with the meteorological reports. Despite this our auxillary force entered multiple aircraft and ran geometric and systematic tests to ensure they were equipped and ready to enter service.

It seemed that despite this being a classified operation, word got out to Rebels who also where in attendance, with one being found hiding in a jet engine, no doubt waiting to commandeer said vehicle when our backs were turned.

The local populace, although slightly deterred by the foreboding clouds and wind, came out to take pictures and be involved in the event.

I am sure we will be back in the future to keep ties with this military installation positive.

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