Bad Guys Doing Good

Tim’s Whacky World’s

Location ~ Art Gallery on Ovens – Shop 4, 103 Murphy Street Wangaratta Victoria.

Date ~ Thursday 23rd January 2020.

Time ~ 6:30pm – 9pm.

Weather ~ 23c, Overcast cloudy with promising Rain clouds – No rain appeared.

Troopers ~

TKID: TimtheEndorScout (Tim)

Casualties ~ None
Injuries ~ None
Atmosphere ~ Artistic Social Gathering
Mission Statius ~ Completed

The Director was very excited and happy to see his First Solo Exhibition standing amongst his greatest achievements. Even without the Empire not there it was a memorable night. Joined by Friends, Family,
fellow artists. Everyone was astounded by his elaborate costume.

About 25 may by 30 were in attendance.
The evening kicked off slow to start off with, later as things progressed along it got more interesting. On the opening night – 3 of his artworks were sold, along with about 10 colouring books and 10 badges. People were saying they’ve never seen an Exhibition like it before, was very honoured and proud to have done this.

Plenty of Alcohol, finger food provided (should has supplied Imperial Cookies) – may next time.

7pm onwards the speeches took place, a friend of Tim’s (a local educator) was dressed up as David Bowie.
addressing how Tim draws everyday, he is inspired with Superhero comics, but prefers to remain original with his artwork.

A big special bonus the guest speaker wanted everyone to start an official launch countdown (like at Cape Canaveral)
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Lift Off (Tim’s Whacky World’s officially open)

He never gives up on his work, always working hard with not only inspiring himself but also to inspire others with his unique whacky styles.

The artist thanked and acknowledged everyone for turning up, including all gallery staff. He said “Thank you for letting me become the chosen one” to be the first to start 2020 showing my unique talents.

He was joined by few more suited up for Cosplay to make the evening more exciting, in total 5 cosplayers.

The exhibition also boosted up my confidence more, “This is the beginning of many more things yet to come”
Next time I’ll include some Star Wars artwork.

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Special Children’s Christmas Party, Wodonga: 30/11/2019

Location ~ Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre

Date ~ Saturday 30th November 2019

Weather ~ Perfect, Sunny Sunshine, no Rain clouds or Rumbles in the sky.


TKID: 10375 – TimtheEndorScout (Tim)

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Atmosphere – Enjoyable / lots of happy little ones
Mission Status – Completed

Photos Available: – Coming Soon


Director Krennic was there by himself without his security guards or Troopers standing by. Orson felt a bit uneasy start off with but as the event progressed along things went quite nicely. Lots of people did not who he was or what he was doing here. The Director was more than happy to be in photos with those who wanted photos with him.
Lots of happy little ones filled with excitement, entertaining themselves on the Jumping castles, face painting, sitting with Santa Claws asking what they’d want to see under the Xmas trees, lots more activities.

Lots of Christmas Carol Music provided by the local musician group of Wodonga (think it was)
Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, Rudolf the Red nose Rein deer and many more.

The Main attraction – Santa Claws arrived in style on a Harley Davidson – brought smiles to the all little ones.

One main attraction was a group of Motorcycles – The Director struck at opportunity and piloted 1 in command.

It was a good atmosphere, hard to tell how many were there in total – hundreds I’d say.

Think that was all to report.

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GML role change

Hi Garrison

So as you would have read on Mark’s post after the election, there has been some command position changes.

One of those was me stepping down and Mark Christiansen stepping up into the GML role. I’ll still be a deputy GML for this year at least, helping Mark as he needs it, but won’t be the main point of contact anymore for approvals and membership admin etc.

What is like to do is give Mark a clean start with no pending approvals or personal information changes etc. Or just pretty much anything involving me as GML.

I must apologise for the lack of action over the last couple of months on my behalf. It’s been a busy period and I know a few things will have slipped through the cracks, so to speak.
So please, if you have a costume that has been pending or you have personal profile changes or any thing I can assist with, please shout out via PM. Here or on FB is fine.

I’ll get through the backlog, while showing Mark the ropes and once things are smooth sailing, he will be doing the role as the primary going forward.

Thanks for your patience everyone. We will be back to your regular program soon enough :)


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9th Birthday Party

Event – 9th Birthday Party (Dominic)
Location – 5 Saratoga walk Epping
Date – 8th Feb 2020 (Saturday)
Troop Time – 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Event Type – Private

# Of people attended – 20

Charity Supported – Bushfire Relief
Weather: Sunny and warm.

After action report: At the request of a local boy’s uncle, two of the 501st finest stormtroopers responded and arrived in stealth to launch a surprise moral boost for the birthday boy and his friends and family. Surprise was achieved with the assistance of the boy’s uncle. And the locals were mightily impressed by the presence of two stormstroopers. After photos were taken of with the guests and some nerf blaster practice and foam lightsaber battles, we wished the boy a happy birthday and said our goodbyes.

In typical fashion we stayed in character the whole time for a young child’s birthday plus a bit of joking around. It was a bit of fun.
Injuries: O
Happy People: 20+
Mission Status: Complete.

TK-10792 signing off.

1. Gascan TK27120 (Andy)
2. BrenTK TK10792 (Brent)

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Run with Thomas – 24th of Nov

Location – Gembrook Puffing Billy Railyway Station, Main St, Gembrook
Date/Time – 24th November 9am-1pm
Weather – Sunny
Event Type – Charity

AJ.1990 IG12590 (Andrew)
Kellee ID11684 (Kellee)
Blowie TS6204 (Michael)
Roity TK-57685 (David)
Brad93 TI-81293 (Brad)


The Kids Fun Run with Thomas is an annual fundraising event organised by the Rotary Club of Emerald and District. Held at Gembrook Station the event provides a unique opportunity for a wonderful day out whilst helping children less fortunate.

Troopers assembled at the assigned time and started to patrol the crowds and keep them entertained while waiting for there races.

Injuries – Nil to report.

Armour Repairs: – Nil to report.

Mission Status – Complete.

Report by: TI-81293




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Disney Australian Open, Open cast

Event: Australian Open Family Day – Disney Open Cast
Location: Hilltop, Birramung Mar, Melbourne
Date: 25th Jan 2020
Time: 15:00hrs – 18:00hrs
Weather: Hotter than Dathomir

DarthStevius TD18969 (Steve)
DeathStarBaby TI50972 (Charlotte)
joymaslog28 – DZ-86238 (Joy)
TK-51000 – DZ-51000 (Justin)
Gascan – TK27120 (Andy)
Marcus – TR-3977 (Mark)
GeoffRageQuit – TX-10346 (Geoff)
Kylo Glenn – DS-14780 (Glenn)


Protection duty for the recently landed Tie Fighter at the 2020 Australian open was the order of the day.
The original pilot was MIA when our team arrived (potentially watching the local sporting matches the locals call tennis).
On locating our contact on the ground, who’d disguised themselves as one of the locals, they quickly ensured the team were taken care of.
Change space was limited, so initial splitting up of the team was required. Some remaining in the destinations location – to keep an eye on citezens movements – the others returning to their transport for changing into imperial costumes.
While the heat from the planets only sun attempted to de-rail the operation, the team scoured the location, and sourced some excellent contacts and potential new recruits.
The two jawas were also sent on a side mission to assess the g-force training machine present on site.
The test was successful, however, the jawas may wait for someone else to volunteer first next time…. :shock:

Casualties: None, although heat exhaustion was starting to set in so some troopers rested on the last leg of the mission.
Injuries: None
Armour damage: None
Happy People: Lots
Mission status: Completed

Author: DarthStevius


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