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20 October 2019 – JDRF ONEwalk – Melbourne

DATE: Sun 20th October
TIME: go live 9am – 12pm.
LOCATION:Palm Lawns – Alexandra Gardens
WEATHER: was a Cool strat, but pleasantly mild with a bit of sun for the walk.
EVENT TYPE:charity/fun run
POINT TROOPER: TA 19819 – Luke

TA19819 – trooper666 – Luke – wwcc 0742386A-01
TK16119 – NevaFear – Shane –
TI10689 – LuckyCharm – Kim –
TI12590 – AJ1990 – Andrew –
TI13478 – Jailbreak – Allen –
TI22388 – Belsprout – Belinda –
TC71857 – CTMac – Greg – WWCC 0905232A-01

Troopers arrived to entertain crowds in the pre walk madness, with plenty of photo’s taken. With one of our own Troopers Being a T1D (Type 1 Diabetic) and sporting a non regulation addition to his imperial uniform, plenty of young imperial citizens wanted a pic and asked lots of questions of the trooper. After a short break, the walk commenced, and ALL the KFG troopers who were in attendance took part in the walk, a casual 5 Km stroll along the banks of the yarra. Many younglings wanted to walk with us for a while, But imperial Army forces set a cracking pace which they could not maintain for the duration of the operation…

At the completion of the walk, a few more pics were grabbed, then it was time for troopers to re-deploy to missions else where.

Should also be noted that the Knightfall Team (we had to register to take part in the walk, although it was free) managed to raise $207. Way to go team!!! :!:

Injuries – Nil to report.

Armour Repairs: – Nil to report.

Mission Status – Complete.

Report by: TA19819



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Geelong Gala Day Parade – 14/12/19

Event: Geelong Gala Day Parade
Date: Saturday December 14th
Location: Eastern Park, Geelong Botanical Gardens
Landscape/Weather – outdoors, mild pleasant weather.
Charity Supported – Barwon Health (Geelong Hospital)
# Of people attending – thousands

TK29175 Haso
TX10322 Nanotek
TI13478 Jailbreak
TK27120 Gascan
DZ9697 Darth Craw
ID29697 Lady Womp Rat
ID6673 Hamish
CB2997 Fish
DZ67302 KLG (went in as wrangler but was approved the same weekend).

Galactic Academy:
Darth Vader – Ash (Haso)
Jedi – Ella (Haso)
Poe – Lachlan (Jailbreak)
Jedi – Cal (Jailbreak)
Jedi – Ainsleigh (Jailbreak)

A different format for the parade this year with the parade route now going through the gardens instead of the city centre, and a slightly smaller length. It seemed that crowds were down on previous years and the walk did not take as long.
There was a christmas theme this year and therefore we were adorned with lights and hats etc. Overall a shorter troop than previous years, however the Empire did show up and impressed as usual.


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Fundraising Screening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Geelong 19-12-19

Event – Fundraising Screening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Geelong)
Location – Village Cinemas, Ryrie Street, Geelong
Landscape/Weather – indoors
Date/Time – 19.12.2019 (Thursday) 6pm – 6.45pm
Charity Supported – Tour de Cure.
# Of people attending – one small cinema full of people
Multi-Legion Troop – joined by RL

TK29175 Haso
ID29697 Lady Womp Rat
TK9697 Darth Craw
TI13478 Jailbreak
DS39697 Aki no Neko
BH8927 Ausar26

Galactic Academy:
Darth Vader – Ash (Haso)
Poe – Lachlan (Jailbreak)
Jedi – Cal (Jailbreak)

We were requested once again to support a Tour De Cure fundraising screening of Episode IX. With most of us coming off the midnight screening troops we were still primed and ready to suit up again for photo ops within the cinema. Once kitted up in our cosy green room space, we made our way into Cinema 6 where the patrons were already taking their seats, and took up formation in front of the screen, allowing people to come up and pose for photos. A quick raffle was then held, and after about 20-30 min (it was a short troop), we were released to de-kit and come back to watch the movie again if we pleased.
Overall this was a short and sweet troop, a friendly enthusiastic crowd who you could see were surprised and happy to see us, with a good mix of characters. Byron, the organiser was very appreciative of our turnout and gave his thanks in his crowd address, and to me to pass on as I left the cinema after the movie. Great job troopers!


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Troop Report – Special Lucasfilm event

EVENT: Special Lucasfilm event

LOCATION: *******

DATE/TIME: 12-13 December 2019

EVENT TYPE: Lucasfilm event



TK-27120 Gascan (Andy)
TK-26262 Dwarfy (Cameron)
TK-3198 Trigger happy (Jarrod)
TK-76716 MartyMartin (Martin)
TK-10792 BrenTK (Brent)
TK-9697 Darth Craw (Michael)
TK-14480 Neckron666 (Shay)
TK-7685 Dark And Stormy (Bobby)
TK-31892 Extra_Small_Sam (Sam)
TK-8503 Duncs (Duncan)

Wranglers: CT-71857 CT Mac (Greg), TK-10792 BrenTK (Brent)


“Imperial intelligence received word of an imminent covert operation requiring ten highly-trained and battle-ready troopers.”

We received word from Lucasfilm for a special ******* for the *******, asking for classic Imperial Stormtroopers to be present as *******. A selection was made and ten of us were given the opportunity to represent the 501st Legion at this special event.

******* features ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* and ******* for a ******* ******* *******.

We arrived at ******* early in the morning and made contact with the organisers. Once parking arrangements were sorted and all troopers accounted for, we settled in for the briefing and geared up for *******. We met the ******* we’d be working with throughout the day and set up formation outside *******. After entertaining ******* with some quick pics, the ******* *******.

We entered ******* and worked with the ******* for some *******. After some time going through *******, we returned outside and *******. Once ready, our troopers stood in formation for ******* and were *******. The troopers took up position ******* *******.

Once the *******, our troopers took up formation, either ******* or *******.

The rest of the day involved our troopers ******* and was quite challenging for the *******. But we knuckled down and got the job done and were grateful for a generously-provided lunch.

The ******* brought us back in for a second *******. Armed with intelligence and experience gathered on the first day, the flow of the day was much easier for the troops. With the mission complete, we thanked the organisers for the opportunity to work with them and are looking forward to *******.

Pics taken at the event and the full un-redacted details can only be revealed later in 2020.

INJURIES: None to report.

ARMOUR REPAIRS: One trooper lost the front sights of his E-11 and another trooper’s thigh armour detached but was quickly repaired.



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Road trauma carshow

Trooping time-11am -2pm

Money raised-$1453 for road trauma Victoria

Brief- the day was nice and warm as a small event we got time to take plenty of pics of the troops with the cars and the public.


Happy people-lots


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Special Children’s Christmas Party 7/12 Troop report

Special Children’s Christmas Party
Melbourne Show grounds, Epsom Rd,
Ascot Vale VIC 3032

Date – Sat 7th of December 2019

Time: 9.30 am to 1:30pm
Weather: Sunny warm nice

Another Children’s Christmas treat for us, we all parked closed to each other and made the car park our change area.
Blessed with beautiful weather this year not too hot, we all lasted the length with smiles all around.
They had placed an area for us to eat and rest, with fresh sandwiches and fruit.
Cannot wait again for next year.

Belsprout : TI22388
Kellee :ID-11684
Ausar26: BH-8927
BrenTK: 10792
Nevafear: 16119
Darth Craw TK-9697
Brad TI-81293
Blackwolf: TK-15475
Christhepropguy: 33625

Panda Bear: DZ-2592
MJ: 3016


casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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RMH Dinner Parkville Xmas:troop report

RMH Dinner Parkville Xmas themed
28 Gatehouse st Parkville
EVENT: Ronald McDonald House Family dinner

DATE:Wednesday 4th of December
Time: 6.45 to 7.45
Weather: Lovely
Kids: Plenty

All troopers arriving at 6pm making their way to the usual storeroom / change room.
At 6:45pm heading out letting Mary Poppins go first
We went around the tables giving hi fives to all the kids and parents, scoring some photos with families and the lovely ladies that volunteer. We also gave away socks and pulled some Christmas poppers to which we all happily lost.

TK27120 Gascan
TX10322 Mark
TK-10792 Brent
TB-3016 Kelly
Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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