Bad Guys Doing Good

Welcome to the 501st. Now that you’ve made the big decision to join here’s some valuable information to help you get acquainted with people and process to help get you approved and trooping as soon as possible. We have a few forums and things that we use to support people looking to join.

We would highly recommend signing up to our forum and first having a read in our post “Welcome to Knightfall Garrison” in the Garrison News section. It’s pinned to the top. It gives you a bit of the history of our Garrison and what we do.

Hopefully you’ve already posted in the “Fresh Meat” section and introduced yourself. If not we’d love for you to post a bit about yourself, where you are from and which costume(s) you are looking to build.

Once you’ve posted in the fresh meat section one of our cadet mentors will be in touch personally just to say and hi and so you have someone you can speak to in the initial stages of finding your way around this forum and other support groups.

We have a Facebook group and chat for all new recruits so they can chat with mentors, meet other people doing builds, get advice, get encouraged and we also use Facebook, as well as this forum, to arrange to get together both socially and also armour parties which we use to help cadets with their builds.

If you have a Facebook account, and if you’re happy to use Facebook, give the cadet mentor who makes contact your Facebook details and they will add you into the Knightfall Cadet Facebook group and also the chat. Once you’re added you’ll be introduced to the cadets and recruits as well as the mentors. Our Facebook group and specifically the chat is there for 24 hour support and encouragement. It does get busy in the chat so just be prepared!

The other thing that would be great is to start a new thread in the Costume Builds section (within the General Entry area). If you create a new thread and post information about your build with some pictures then you will automatically move from recruit status to cadet status. The bonus of that is you will be able to involve yourself with 501st events as a wrangler – helper to troopers and be able to interact with 501st members another invaluable experience.

As well our our own Knightfall forum we highly encourage all new members to sign up for the detachment forum of their particular costume build. These forums have an endless supply of resources including exemplar build threads, part and costume sourcing information as well as getting specific feedback from members who have built your costume. 

Below are a list of the most common costumes and their detachments:

I know that’s a lot to take in. But in essence:

  1. Make a post  in the Fresh Meat section of our forum with some basic details about yourself and what you’re looking to build.
  2. Create a new build thread in “costume builds” to move to cadet status. With pics of your current kit, what the type of kit is and which specific costume you are looking to get approved e.g. Stormtrooper ANH stunt.
  3. If you use Facebook let us know your Facebook name and profile picture and we’ll add you into our Knightfall cadet group and also chat.
  4. Check out and register with your costume’s detachment forum.

Great to have you on board and welcome to the 501st.

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