Bad Guys Doing Good

RMH Parkville Troop Report 7/8

Event: Ronald Mcdonald House Family Dinner Parkville
Location – 28 Gatehouse St, Parkville

Date / Time – 7th of August 2019 / 6:45pm to 8pm

Weather: Indoor Event

TK-27120 – Gascan (Andy)
Wrangler – Veronica

The lonely Imperial TK trooping at RMH Dinner. Arrived at 6:15pm and joined by Mary Poppins from the MCG costuming group. After a quick introduction from Kate, who does a great job at making the nights really fun for the kids we made our way to the families, some scared and some a bit unsure.
To ease the tension we played a few games of coits with the kids and the TK certainly didn’t come first, but we did let the kids win in the end!

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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