Bad Guys Doing Good

MSO plays Return of the Jedi

Event – Return of the Jedi Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Location – Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Plenary

Date – Thurs 7 Nov – Saturday 9 Nov

TK-5686 – PhilsyB (Philsy)
TK-15475 – Blackwolf (Mat)
TK-27120 – Gascan (Andy)
TK-8503 – Duncs (Duncan)
TK-7685 – Dark and Stormy (Bobby)
TK-3198 – Trigger Happy (Jarrod)
TK-31892 – Extra_Small_Sam (Sam) Ticket
TB-12590 – A.J.1990 (Andrew) Ticket
TB-72822 – Dragon_a (Tony) Ticket
TK-74263 – TKColejoy (Shane) Ticket
TI-50972 – DeathstarBaby (Charlotte) Ticket
TD-18969 – DarthStevius (Steve) Ticket
TR-3977 – Marcus (Marcus) Ticket
DZ-51000 – TK-5100 (Justin) Ticket
DZ-86236- (Joy)
CT-71857 – CT-Mac (Greg)
TR-3977 – Marcus (Marcus)
TB-33233 – Thundercat (Daniel)
TB-9735 – Disneygirl (Merrilea)
TX-10322 – nanotech (Mark)
TR-81293 – Brad93 (Brad)
ID-11684 – Kellee (Kellee)
BH-3016 – MJ (Kelly)

Plus Rebel insurgents from Hoth Base

It was a dreary Thursday evening in November in the small dwelling of Melbourne town when our advance party of troopers touched down.
There had been whispers from local spies that three days of festivities were afoot in the area. So our team had been dispatched by the Garrison to recon the area and ensure all Empire citizens were taking full advantage of the opportunity.
Over the three days, the teams need to be divided into multiple groups to ensure our coverage was controlling all areas of the location.

Team 1 on each day had the critical role of ensuring the safe passage of the local groups leader from their bunker to the performance stage. On each occasion this was undertaken with precision and commitment from the troopers. They never lost their man once, even under extremely challenging conditions of poor lighting conditions and what appeared to be tear gas! Those Rebels clearly had other plans, but the team came through every single time.

Meanwhile, crowd control in other areas of the facility was expertly coordinated by numerous brave troopers who formed the remaining team(s). They continued to put their bodies on the line to ensure both young and old citizens were looked after and able to safely transfer to their evenings entertainment with the required holographic evidence of their attendance. Rebels were discovered at various points over the weekend, and they were duly dealt with in accordance with the laws of the land. Fortunately there was also no insurgence from the local scantily clad men and women of clan sexpo, and all troopers returned safely to their hideaway and were able to exfiltrate the area with no mishaps.


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Open Cockpit Day, Moorabin: 26-27/10/19

Event: Lysterfield Lake Photoshoot 2019

Location: Moorabin Airport

Date / Time: 26th and 27th of October 2019

Weather: Every possible combination…. it’s Melbourne :lol:


IG-12590 AJ.1990 (Andrew)
TI-94911 Lockey (Lockey)
TI-13478 Jailbreak (Allen)
Timtheendorscout ID-10375 (Timoth)
Kitty TI-22300 (Paul)
Brad93 TI-81293 (Brad)
Shep TD-24663 (Philip)
Kellee ID-11684 (Kellee)
Darth Sully TI=3726 (Daniel s)

Togs / Wranglers:
Kristian Goree – KayGee – TI-8473

Wampa_Stomper TI-60626 (Lara)
Tarok TK-27777 (Rudi)
IG-12590 AJ.1990 (Andrew)
CTMAC CT-71857 (Greg)
Darth Sully TI3726 (Daniel s)

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: Lots
Mission Status: Complete

Photos Available:


Our presence was requested at the Moorabin Imperial Airbase to assess retrofitted craft for atmospheric flight on the planet deemed ‘Earth’ outside the current Galactic Outskirts.
The weather of said planet was haphazardous at best, with the Director being quite displeased with the meteorological reports. Despite this our auxillary force entered multiple aircraft and ran geometric and systematic tests to ensure they were equipped and ready to enter service.

It seemed that despite this being a classified operation, word got out to Rebels who also where in attendance, with one being found hiding in a jet engine, no doubt waiting to commandeer said vehicle when our backs were turned.

The local populace, although slightly deterred by the foreboding clouds and wind, came out to take pictures and be involved in the event.

I am sure we will be back in the future to keep ties with this military installation positive.

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Walk for Epilepsy – 20 October 2019

Event: Walk for Epilepsy
Location: Princes Park, Carlton

Date / Time – 20 October 2019 / 0800 to 1200

Weather: Clear skies

TI13879 – Grayus (Joel)
ID6514 – Aussie Juno (Deb)
TI6410 – Sheriff (Jason)
BH50524 – Dishrack (Jon)

Troopers met to obtain an informal briefing before kitting up and patrolling the slight but ever increasing number of citizens ahead of the Walk.

At some stage, troopers may have stepped through a vortex as they encountered super beings from another universe/genre, however citizens appeared not to notice nor care. Accordingly, many worthwhile interactions occured, including a flock of ladies styled in the fashion of the flamingo.

Troopers formed up at the start line for the Walk and, after sending off the crowd with some cheer, prepared medals for presentation upon their return. Every walker and their dog left sporting a medallion in recognition of the monies they raised for the charity.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Hundreds
Mission Status – Complete


(Server says other photos are too large to upload. Will add later when not on mobile)


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RMH Dinner Nth Fitzroy:Troop Report 12/11

EVENT: Ronald McDonald House Family dinner
DATE:12th Tuesday
Time: 6.45 -7.45pm
LOCATION:RMH, 863 Brunswick Street North, North Fitzroy

Weather: nice inside.

MJ TB-3016
Gascan TK-27120

Report: Troopers arrived at 6.15pm, with members from the MCG in tow, we were taken upstairs to level 3 into their board room for us change, very roomy . Dinner was served early so we were ready to kit up and head out, with 2 of MCG members.
One of the little girls wasn’t very keen with the helmeted troopers, so we kept our distance. The Lady bug from MCG became queen of the kids and made a number of friends well we kept an eye on things, and chatted to the parents. A number of photos were taken to tease older siblings.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete


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Howl o Ween Dog Parade – 27th Oct (Sun)

Event: Howl o Ween Dog Parade
Location: Port Melbourne
Date: Sunday 27 October 2019
Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Weather: Mostly overcast

Neckron666 TK14480 (Shay)

Turned up with my wife in tow as a wrangler to ensure I didnt trip over the many many dogs in costume. I posed for many photos and handed out buckets of candy for kids and treats for dogs. Around 11.00 we marched down Bay Street, humans and dogs in tow collecting candy from shops and marching with pride. At the end of the parade I assisted as a traffic TK stopping cars as I directed the parade back across to the starting grounds.

After lots of happy dogs, pats, greedy children (and greedy adults), parades, handouts and awards for best dog costume we finished up around 12.00 and headed home with the mission being completed.


Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: Humans and Dogs alike!
Unhappy People: A few scared babies!
Mission status: Completed

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PJ Fun Run Troop Report 12/10

Location – Princes Park, Carlton

Date / Time – 12th of October 2019 / 9am to 1pm

Weather: Cloudy and overcast

Gascan TK27120 (Andy)

TK27120 arrived at 9am, got a quick de brief from organisers for the 1st Annual PJ fun run raising money for Monash Health.
At 9:30am, after a quick car park change, TK27120 made his way to the event village where people started to build for the walk / run. There were plenty of photos to be had with people dressed up in their favourite jammies and some families at matching jammies, there were lots of dogs too at the event.
At 10:30am the walkers and runners went off for their 3 / 6 / 9 km walks or run, we waved them up before waiting for them to come back to give them medals for their hard work.
The rain stayed away which was fantastic.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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Vivid Diwali Festival Troop Report 12/10

Event: Vivid Diwali Festival
Location – Boulevard, South Morang

Date / Time – 12th of October 2019 – 3pm to 5pm.

Weather: Rain, Thunderstorms and Windy

Gascan TK27120 (Andy)
MJ TB3016 (Kelly)
PandaBear DZ2592 (Rhi)
DarkWar TI24689 (Andre)
Thundercat TB33233 (Daniel)
Troopers arrived at the venue at 3pm, just after a massive downpour of rain, most people at the venue had to seek shelter in their cars or under marquees.
After troopers got changed the sun had started to break but shortly after the rain started to fall again for a few minutes but then cleared up again. It was much like this throughout the whole event, the rain started and stopped, we managed to get a fair few photos in but the crowds were certainly down.
A disappointing event for the organisers but it was still a great multicultural event.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete

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