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Troop Report -Good Friday Car Show & Family Day-Sunbury

Troop Report : Good Friday Car Show & family day

Event:Kruze 4 Kids 10th Annual Good Friday Car Show & Family Day
Location – Langama Park, 109 Mitchells Lane, Sunbury
Date / Time – 2nd of April 2021 / 10am to 4pm
Weather: Nice and sunny, might been a little hot

We helped raise over $29,000.00 for the Royal Children’s Hospital

Troopers :
MJ-3016: Kelly
Freelancer-3872 Adam
Orchid Princess: 15064 Vanda
Tarok 27777.. Rudi
Wldcrd 14780.. Glen

Panda bear – Rhiannon
Mugi our photographer

Being Local was easy to get down there and check out the place nice and early, locating change rooms, car parking and the check in tent.
Caught up with all the troopers, though our Jawa would join us around Lunch time she seemed to have a double life that day.
Headed out nice and early with our Panda bear as wrangler, we didn’t get far before being swamped for photos, found plenty of cars and eager owners wanting us to pose for their cars.
Midday we changed around, our Jawa joined us, Panda left us to wrangle the spidey group, I then became the new wrangler, a few hours later we changed again, Rudi became our new wrangler and I joined the kitted up trio once again.


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