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Troop Report: Astor theatre Screening of The Empire Strikes Back 27th December 2020

Troop Report
The Empire Strikes Back Screening, The Astor Theatre
12.30 Hrs- 19.00 Hrs, 27th January 2020
Mission: To provide security and crowd entertainment at the Astor Theatre’s screenings of The Empire Strikes Back in 35mm.
1PM Screening:
– TI- 50972 (Charlotte)
– TD-18969 (Steve)
– TI-13114 (Aneesh)
– TK-27777 (Rudi)
Wranglers- Andy Vong, Shay
4PM Screening:
-TK – 27777 (Rudi)
-TB-9735 (Merrilea)
– BH- 5284 (Kim)
-TI- 14780 (Glenn)
Wranglers- ID- 6673 (Sean), Steve, Charlotte, Shay, Patricia
7PM Screening:
-TI- 81293 (Brad)
-TI- 74377 (Piers)
-TB- 72822 (Tony)
-TB- 12590 (Andrew)
Wranglers- ID- 6673 (Sean), Steve, Charlotte, Paul
Brief: This was the first tour of duty for 501st KFG troopers since the appearance of a new contagious pathogen identified on this world. New garrison guidelines were being trialled, for the first time, in response to the new conditions and all eyes were on us. Failure in this mission, no matter how minor, would almost certainly reach the ears of Lord Vader. Our mission brief indicated that, in addition to locally-mandated physical-distancing measures, the local inhabitants had taken to wearing individualised fashion accessories over their faces to prevent transmission of the pathogen. Imperial medical knowledge and resources far exceed those of the local authorities, however troopers and unhelmeted support personnel wore similar primitive face coverings in order to keep the locals at ease.
Troopers arrived approximately 45 minutes prior to their respective rostered watch/duty shift. Kitting up was performed efficiently and proficiently, given the limited space and resources available.
Locals had to be reminded on occasion that physical contact between troopers and civilians was prohibited. A minimum distance of 1.5m apart was often difficult to maintain, however many satisfactory selfies were taken with creative camera angling and strategic positioning of our best and brightest troopers
Upon conclusion of their respective shift, the troopers quickly de-kitted and blended in with the local populace before shuttling out to their various next assignments.

Injuries/malfunctions: None
Happy People: many
Unhappy People: None
Mission Status: Complete.

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