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Lego Exhibition Fundraiser Troop Report

Event: Lego Exhibition Fundraiser
Location – 215 Bell Street, Preston

Date / Time – 25th of May 2019 / 9am to 12pm

Weather: Nice and cool inside, warmish outside.

TK-27120 Gascan (Andy) + 2 GA

Arrived as the solo trooper at the Mantra Bell City Hotel at 9am for the early morning sensory session for those kids that are a bit more sensitive. We were given complimentary parking at the hotels underground car park space.
The change room was small but good enough space for the cosplayers to get changed in.
The space was split into 2 areas with Lego on display and a great play area for the kids to try out some lego, took lots of photos and gave out lots of high fives and some money was raised for mental health.

Casualties – None
Injuries – None
Happy People – Lots
Mission Status – Complete


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