Bad Guys Doing Good

Disney – TIE Fighter at Federation Square 3rd December 2019

Event: Disney request for Star Wars characters
Location: Federation Square, Melbourne
Date: 3 December 2019
Time: 5pm
Weather: Sunny

TI-27120 – Gascan (Andy)
TI-13478 – Jailbreak (Allen)
TK-31892 – Extra Small Sam (Sam)
TK-10792 – BrenTK (Brent)
TK-9697 – DarthCraw (Michael)
TI-8473 – KayGee (Kristian)
TI-50972 – Deathstarbaby (Charlotte)
CT-71857 – CT Mac (Greg)
TI-94911 – Lockey (Lockey)
TI-15475 – Blackwolf (Mat)
ID-29697 – Lady Womp Rat (Jan)
TI-52460 – KRM1983 (Kain)
ID-3016 – MJ (Kelly)
Steph – R1 Pilot
Jedi – Kane
Andy’s two children – Jawas
Wranglers – Mark Marcus, Steve Alder-Goad, Shelby
Photographer – Ian Stubber


The Empire responded with force, descending on Federation Square to rendezvous with a recently arrived TIE fighter ahead of the imminent release of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. There were opportunities for the assembled fighter pilots, storm troopers, Imperial officers, a Rebel pilot, Jedi knight and even a couple of Jawas, to march repeatedly in menacing formation in the labyrinthine corridors beneath Federation Square as a camera crew from Disney filmed our precision manoeuvres. Then it was time to emerge into the sunshine above ground and head towards Federation Square, where civilians were able to photograph the troopers beneath the menacing hulk of the TIE fighter parked in plain sight. It was a glorious day for the Empire that will be long remembered.

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: All
Unhappy People: None (although the Jawas were wilting a bit)
Mission status: Completed

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