Bad Guys Doing Good

TROS – Burwood

Event – The Rise of Skywalker
Location – Reading Cinema, Burwood

Date – Sat 21st and Sun 22nd Dec 2019


AJ1990 TB12590 (Andrew)
Kellee ID11684 (Kellee)
Dragon_a TB72822 (Tony)
Brad93 TR81293 (Brad)

DeathStarBaby TI50972 (Charlotte)
DarthStevius TK18969 (Steve)
Ragequit DT10346 (Geoff)
Hamish TK6643 (Sean)
Gascan TK27120 (Andy)
Galactic Academy representative (Tristan)

The mission was split over two days, with two separate KFG contingents taking control of this newly constructed location.

Welcoming locals and posing for photo’s was the order of the day and we did not disappoint.

The staff seemed just as excited as those who visited with many taking a detour to say hi once our teams had been spotted.

zero casualties, however fatigue was definitely setting in as the teams neared the end of their TROS tours.

Troop report: DarthStevius


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