Bad Guys Doing Good

ESB at Knox Village Cinemas – 6th Feb 2021

Event: The Empire Strikes Back @ Knox Village Cinemas
Location: Knox Village
Date: Saturday 6th February 2021
Time: 5:00pm-5:45pm
Weather: Mild and partly cloudy

Gascan TK-27120 (Andy)
Sithspit TI-74377 (Piers)
Jailbreak TI-13478 (Allen)

Wrangler: DZ-67302 (Kylie)

Troop Report:
After a rather quiet 2020, Knightfall was keen to get out for their first troop for 2021. Despite being few in number, the troopers were enthusiastic to show their presence at Village Knox. Cinema staff were very accommodating and we soon found ourselves on the mezzanine level ready to take photos with the movie patrons before they took their seats.  Lots of smiles on kid’s and adult’s faces alike. A successful troop and a good start to 2021.

Injuries/malfunctions: None
Happy patrons: Many
Unhappy patrons: None
Mission Status: Complete

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