Bad Guys Doing Good

Tim’s Whacky World’s

Location ~ Art Gallery on Ovens – Shop 4, 103 Murphy Street Wangaratta Victoria.

Date ~ Thursday 23rd January 2020.

Time ~ 6:30pm – 9pm.

Weather ~ 23c, Overcast cloudy with promising Rain clouds – No rain appeared.

Troopers ~

TKID: TimtheEndorScout (Tim)

Casualties ~ None
Injuries ~ None
Atmosphere ~ Artistic Social Gathering
Mission Statius ~ Completed

The Director was very excited and happy to see his First Solo Exhibition standing amongst his greatest achievements. Even without the Empire not there it was a memorable night. Joined by Friends, Family,
fellow artists. Everyone was astounded by his elaborate costume.

About 25 may by 30 were in attendance.
The evening kicked off slow to start off with, later as things progressed along it got more interesting. On the opening night – 3 of his artworks were sold, along with about 10 colouring books and 10 badges. People were saying they’ve never seen an Exhibition like it before, was very honoured and proud to have done this.

Plenty of Alcohol, finger food provided (should has supplied Imperial Cookies) – may next time.

7pm onwards the speeches took place, a friend of Tim’s (a local educator) was dressed up as David Bowie.
addressing how Tim draws everyday, he is inspired with Superhero comics, but prefers to remain original with his artwork.

A big special bonus the guest speaker wanted everyone to start an official launch countdown (like at Cape Canaveral)
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Lift Off (Tim’s Whacky World’s officially open)

He never gives up on his work, always working hard with not only inspiring himself but also to inspire others with his unique whacky styles.

The artist thanked and acknowledged everyone for turning up, including all gallery staff. He said “Thank you for letting me become the chosen one” to be the first to start 2020 showing my unique talents.

He was joined by few more suited up for Cosplay to make the evening more exciting, in total 5 cosplayers.

The exhibition also boosted up my confidence more, “This is the beginning of many more things yet to come”
Next time I’ll include some Star Wars artwork.

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