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Troop Report – Brickvention 2020

Brickvention 2020

Event: Brickvention 2020
Location: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton
Date: 18th (& 19th) of Jan 2020
Time: 9am – 5pm
Weather: Clear and sunny

TK-10792 (Brent)
TK-12590 (Andrew)
TK-11684 (Kellee)
TK-27777 (Rudi)
TK-72822 (Tony)
TK-15475 (Mat)
TK-6673 (Sean)
TK-71857 (Greg)
TK-8503 (Duncan)
TK-29175 (Kris)
TK-10375 (Tim)
TK-76716 (Martin)
TK-10346 (Geoff)
TK-22300 (Paul)
TK-10322 (Mark)
TK-24663 (Phillip)
TK-10343 (Dylan)


Melbourne provided a lovely sunny saturday as we (myself and husband) arrived at 8am out the front of the Royal Exhibition Building. Proceeding to a back room we geared up and went out in batches to entertain both the crowd inside and the queue outside. I found that once we stopped for a photo with someone it seemed to encourage others to do the same. I spent a lot of time outside with the queue getting high 5’s from kids and stopping for photos. We had coin rattlers raising money for special kids which seemed to go quite well. At around 11.30am we did some group photos around the back of the building on the stairs which generated a lot of curiosity and photo taking from passes by. All in all a fun and successful day!

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: Lots
Unhappy People: None that I noticed
Mission status: Completed

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